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Risk of Catastrophic
"Black Swan" Events
Reaches Highest Levels Ever

You’re About To Discover 3 "Black Swan" Events That Are
About To Annihilate American Wealth… And What You MUST
Do Immediately To Preserve And Grow Your Wealth…

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Don McAlvany. I’m the editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, and I have an extremely important and deadly serious message for you today.

Based on my 40+ years of research and writing, I humbly suggest we are now living in the single most uncertain and dangerous time in all of recorded history.

Never before has there been so much widespread uncertainty. Never before has there been so much risk of paradigm-shifting "Black Swan" events actually happening in our lifetimes.

What is a "black swan" exactly? It is "a high-profile, hard-topredict, and rare event that is beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology."

Black swans are supposed to be rare once-in-a-lifetime events, but as one trader puts it, "Black swan events happen a lot more often than they’re supposed to."

And the president of a capital management company warns, "Black swans are not supposed to happen [...] or, if they do they happen, once in a century. But now they are happening just about every five years."

A quick look-back to the turn of the millennium proves this is true…

9/11 was a black swan

➜ The Great Recession of 2008 was a black swan

"Brexit" was a black swan

Donald Trump winning the presidency was a black swan

None of these things were supposed to happen. Yet they did. And all of these things have had (and will continue to have) major effects on people’s lives. For example, the full impact of Brexit isn’t fully known yet since Great Britain hasn’t officially left the European Union. And with "wild card" Trump in office, nobody knows what he’ll do next.

As these unexpected "black swan" events happen here in the U.S. and in most western countries, they cause abrupt chain reactions that impact the markets, people’s livelihoods, even the well-being and viability of the nation.

Right now, I’ve got my eye on three potential black swan events that, if they come to pass, will affect every many, woman, and child in the U.S. – either directly or indirectly. In just a minute, I’ll tell you all about these black swans. But first, you absolutely must understand the period of time we are now living in…

"Whatever Can Be Shaken Will Be Shaken"

If you’re a believer like I am, then maybe you feel like I do that the end is drawing near. In which case, we should expect widespread chaos and natural disasters:

"You will hear of wars and rumors of wars… Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains."

Is this not happening today?

And it’s not just real famines and earthquakes (although those are happening), it’s also about spiritual famines and political and economic earthquakes.

If you have an ear to hear, then this probably resonates with your spirit. Everything is shaking right now – or is about to be shaken. Everything you thought was solid is beginning to fall apart.

And this shaking is going to continue with greater intensity and greater frequency the next few years.

"Who the Heck is Don McAlvany
and Why Listen to Him Anyway?"

As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, my name is Don McAlvany, and for the past 40 years I’ve been accurately predicting major events in my monthly newsletter The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so let me prove it by sharing some of the predictions I’ve made…

In 1999, I told my readers about the historic opportunity to buy gold at rock-bottom prices at just $252 an ounce. Readers who acted on my advice could have profited by as much as 657%. Even with gold currently sitting at multi-year lows, you STILL would have quadrupled your money.

In 2005, I began warning my readers about the real estate debt bubble. That was a full two years before the market began to implode. During those two years, my readers had ample time to get out of real estate, pocket their equity, and ride out the collapse in housing prices unscathed.

Also in 2005, I warned of the impending collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This prediction came true in 2008 when both companies were taken over by the government in the midst of the real estate collapse.

In 2007, I told my readers to get out of stocks. The DOW then plummeted more than 50% from a high of over 13,000 in 2007 to a low of 6,549 on March 9, 2009. Dr. C.B., a subscriber from Paramus, NJ, said this: "Last summer I read Don’s warnings about the coming drop in the stock market. I instructed my broker to drastically decrease my stock positions. The DJIA dropped 44% in the 7 months since I called them!"

In November 2012, I predicted an impending government "gun grab." I explained that this gun grab would be "triggered or activated by some crisis – real or manufactured." The Sandy Hook shooting happened just one month later, which set off the opening volleys of what has proven to be a long and drawn-out effort to outlaw and confiscate privately owned firearms.

More recently, in January 2015, I predicted the elimination of cash. While this hasn’t fully happened yet, there are signs it could happen soon. For example, in July 2017, VISA announced $10,000 rewards that would be offered to retailers who went 100% "cashless" and refused to accept payment in cash.

These are just six of many major trends and events I have accurately predicted during the last four decades. If you ignored these trends, chances are you are much poorer today than you might otherwise be. But if you heeded these trends, they clearly demonstrate how you could have made yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars richer during the last 19 years.

So you might be wondering, how have I been able to successfully predict major financial and political events before they happen? It’s simple. First and foremost, I am a lifelong student of history. As Solomon says in the Bible, "There is nothing new under the sun." What has been... will be again.

Another big reason for my ability to accurately predict future events is my background in undercover intelligence and firsthand experience on Wall Street. I remain closely connected with financial experts and independent research groups, and I’m often sought out by high-level leaders for my advice on complex issues that have far-reaching effects on nations and citizens.

This rich network of "insider" connections helps keep me — and, more importantly, my readers — well-informed even while the majority are still in the dark and unaware of what’s about to happen.

While I believe my track record speaks for itself, today there are even bigger trends on the horizon — with even bigger opportunities to profit from them. Let me tell you about three of the biggest trends I’m monitoring right now…

3 Catastrophic "Black Swans"
That Will Rock the U.S. During
the next 5 Years

The lessons we should have learned from the 2008 financial crisis have been almost completely ignored. This is about to cause major problems in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Let’s take a closer look at the three "Black Swan" events that will shake the U.S. to its core during the next 5 years…

 Black Swan #1: The First U.S. State Bankruptcy

Do you know that there is no provision for any U.S. state to file for bankruptcy protection? Here’s what that means: If a U.S. state takes on more debt than it can pay back, there is no legal way to discharge those debts and start over.

This hasn’t yet posed a problem because no U.S. state has ever gone bankrupt. A few states came close in 2008/2009, but they "bounced back" when the federal government started giving bailouts and the Federal Reserve pushed interest rates down to zero, making it possible to refinance their debts at lower interest rates with lower payments.

Unfortunately, financially distressed states did not change their ways after the close calls of the Great Recession. Rather, they doubled down, took on more debt, spent more money.

Now multiple states are staring down the barrel of bankruptcy. Except this time it’s different. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, interest rates have finally started to rise. This means the opportunity to refinance debts at lower interest rates is now over. If a state can’t repay its debts at rock-bottom interest rates, refinancing at a higher rate won’t fix anything. In fact, it will only hasten their demise.

So which U.S. state will pioneer the first state-level bankruptcy in history? It will be Obama’s home state of Illinois.

Perhaps more than other states, Illinois has been financially reckless and is now facing astronomical debts that it cannot repay. The latest numbers show that Illinois has $15 billion in unpaid bills and $251 billion in unfunded liabilities.

To give you an idea of just how bad it is right now, Illinois can’t even afford to pay lottery winners or feed prisoners. But the real victims here will be retirees counting on state pensions in their retirement.

Of Illinois’ $251 billion in unfunded liabilities, $130 billion is pension debt. To put this in perspective, every single Illinois household owes $27,000 just to meet the state’s pension obligations alone. And each year that figure is growing. In fact, the debt grew 17% ($4,000 per household) in 2016 alone.

But can Illinois’ debt and unfunded liabilities be taxed away? The short answer is no. In a last-ditch effort, legislators passed massive tax rate hikes including a 32% increase on state income tax and a 33% increase on state corporate tax. But this will "only" raise an additional $5 billion in tax revenue each year.

That $5 billion extra will only pay for 33% of the state’s $15 billion in debt... and will do nothing to offset the $251 billion in unfunded liabilities.

Illinois’ population has been declining for three years straight, and these higher taxes will cause more people to leave the state, further reducing tax revenue and putting even more financial pressure on those who stay. Governor Bruce Rauner says, "This tax hike will solve none of our problems and in fact, long run, it’ll just make our problems worse."

Illinois’ situation is so bad that Moody’s is currently reviewing the state for a potential credit downgrade. If Moody’s downgrades Illinois’ credit rating (which seems likely), then it would become the first U.S. state to receive "junk" rating status.

Now I know what you might be thinking… "I don’t live in Illinois, so how could this possibly affect me?" Let me tell you...

Right now, mutual funds hold $4.5 billion in Illinois’ bonds. Mutual funds have disregarded the risks and purchased these bonds because they pay higher rates of interest. Barron’s denies the risk, too, suggesting that a credit downgrade would not affect Illinois’ bond prices much.

But what if they are all wrong? What if mutual funds and the financial media are underestimating the risk of an Illinois’ bankruptcy and eventual default? What if the bonds eventually get settled at 20 or 30 cents on the dollar?

If Illinois goes bankrupt and their debts are settled, bondholders will take massive write-downs. This will cause mutual funds to suffer losses and could trigger a stock market crash as mutual funds dump the bonds of other financially distressed states.

It’s not a stretch to suggest that Illinois’ bankruptcy could be the fuse that lights America’s astronomical debt bomb — causing trillions in wealth to go "poof."

This by itself should be enough to wake people up to the financial contagion that’s "baked into" the system right now. But "Black Swan #2" represents an even bigger, more widespread problem...

 Black Swan #2: Pension Crisis

Here in America, we find ourselves at a unique point in history... a time when Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of more than 10,000 per day… while birth rates are hovering around the lowest levels ever recorded.

This is already causing huge problems... problems that are going to get much worse before they get better.

One of the bigger problems that has yet to reach mainstream awareness is the massive pension crisis that is getting worse by the month. It’s not just an Illinois problem... it’s a widespread problem in many states. And it’s not just a public pension problem either... it’s a private pension problem too.

Pensions from coast to coast have made overly optimistic assumptions about reasonable rates of return. Public pension funds aim for annual returns of 7.5%, but in 2016 they only achieved a paltry 1.7% average return.

A byproduct of these overly optimistic assumptions is that states have failed to contribute enough money to the "pension piggy bank" as was necessary to pay out future benefits. They didn’t want to spend that tax money on future pension obligations. They wanted to spend that tax money on other things like education and infrastructure... and so they did.

This is not a new problem. In the state of Illinois, reports from pension commissions started complaining about underfunding as far back as 1945.

So can states simply make bigger contributions to their pension funds to make up the shortfall? They could try, but it wouldn’t do much good. The unfunded liabilities are simply too big to overcome at this point. Now the aging non-working population is growing rapidly while the younger working population is stagnant. This means states should expect tax revenue to stay flat or even decline.

You don’t have to be a math genius to see the problem: Falling tax revenues cannot possibly fill the multi-billion dollar gap created by 70 years of financial malfeasance.

Back in 2012, Richard W. Ingram, the Executive Director of Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, publicly stated, "I don’t think it’s any secret that finances in the state of Illinois are a train wreck. We face the possibility, and the real likelihood, of insolvency."

Illinois is just the tip of the iceberg. Kentucky, New Jersey, Arizona, and Connecticut also face massive pension shortfalls. The rest of the country isn’t much better. Bloomberg reports that only 15 states have pension funding ratios at or above 80%.

Using real-world rates of return, public pensions are currently underfunded by at least $5.2 trillion. As the number of pensioners swells at a breakneck pace, funds will soon find themselves paying out more than they are taking in.

How will states pay their pension obligations? First, they will have to sell investments to raise the cash to make the payments. Do not underestimate the impact this could have on the stock market. Can you imagine the downward price pressure on stocks and bonds as pension funds liquidate billions in assets?

But it gets worse... As the pension funds dry up, they will be forced to reduce payments to pensioners. Where a retiree used to collect $1,000 a month from their pension, they might only collect $500 a month. A year later, that might be reduced to $300 a month.

This might sound crazy to you, but the precedent for reduced pension payments has already been set!

In 2014, a federal law was passed that allows private pensions to reduce promised benefits upon approval from the Treasury Department. Nothing happened during the two years after the law was passed, but then early in 2017 the Treasury Department approved the request of a Cleveland-based ironworker pension to slash benefits.

This truly is a landmark decision. It should be clear by now that no pension is safe, public or private. And in the next few years, millions of pensioners could have their monthly benefits reduced without their approval or any prior notice. This will have a chilling effect on the economy and may even force retirees to sell homes or other assets just to pay for basic things like food and medication.

The full impact of the coming pension crisis is only partially understood right now, but it could easily cause a nationwide financial crisis unlike anything in history.

In just a minute, I will tell you how you can take the first steps to prepare yourself for this black swan event, but first I must tell you about a third potential black swan that almost nobody knows about…

 Black Swan #3: Computers Crash the Stock Market

For most of the stock market’s history, trades were placed by real people. You called up your broker, told him what you wanted to buy or sell, and he called in the order to a floor trader who would execute your trade.

Even when online trading was introduced, most trades were placed manually by real human beings sitting behind the computer screens.

But this human-driven model began to change in late 2008. During the financial crisis, more liquidity was needed for people to buy and sell. So the New York Stock Exchange introduced a new program called the Supplemental Liquidity Provider (SLP) program.

The idea behind the program was to incentivize market makers to buy and sell. This would add much-needed liquidity to the markets. In exchange for their help, market makers would be paid a fee by the exchange itself.

The market makers quickly discovered that the easiest and fastest way to add liquidity while collecting extra fees for their help was through computer programs. This realization was quickly followed by another: the market makers could use these computer programs to make trades for their own profit.

Thus was born High-Frequency Trading (HFT).

Much has changed in the trading world since 2008. The biggest change? Thanks to HFT, computers are now the primary decision makers when it comes to buying and selling in the markets. None of these trades are based on fundamentals, but rather on technical signals.

If the HFT program determines that it can eke out even a little profit on what it perceives to be a low-risk trade, it will execute the trade — regardless of the risk it poses to the market at large. And these types of computer-driven trades happen automatically millions of times a day.

And here’s the really disturbing part: According to data collected in 2012, 84% of all stock trades are made by high-frequency trading computers. That means only 16% of trades are made by humans. Recent data is hard to come by, but it’s not unreasonable to expect that the ratio of HFT trades could now be approaching 90%.

Why is this a problem, and how could it trigger a black swan event? Simple. These HFT programs are designed to suck out profits for market makers and preserve capital. If the market starts to break down, HFT programs will seek to sell fast. And just as HFT programs can drive stock prices up as they feed on each other, they can also drive prices down.

In fact, a 2010 "flash crash" when the DOW dropped 1,000 points in 10 minutes was pinned on HFT trading activity. This is not the only flash crash caused by HFTs.

But remember, HFTs don’t hold positions long-term. If there is widespread panic selling, HFTs will simply shut down... and 84% of trading activity will vanish, leaving ordinary humans to panic sell while stock prices plummet. It could literally be like pulling the drain out of a bathtub and watching all that wealth drain out right before our eyes.

Former market maker and hedge fund manager Shah Gilani warns, "Allowing high-frequency trading as it is presently practiced will lead to a catastrophic market crash that will not only destroy trillions of dollars of wealth in America and around the world, it will destroy the economy in the process."

If Any of These Black Swan Events
Happen, It’s GAME OVER for
Average Uninformed Americans

Any of the three Black Swan events I’ve outlined above could decimate the U.S. economy and wipe out trillions in wealth. If two or more of these events happen at the same time, it will be truly catastrophic.

The worst part is your average American is woefully uninformed thanks to a steady diet of mainstream news.

Fortunately, I have good news. The situation is grim, but it’s not hopeless. And that’s why I’m writing you today. My purpose is twofold:

I want to make you aware of these massive financial time bombs that are threatening your wealth and wellbeing.

And, more importantly, I want to provide you with a way to protect your wealth from the financial chaos that could hit the U.S. at any time.

And that's where a subscription to my monthly newsletter comes in...

Clear-Headed Analysis of Major Trends
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At any given time, I'm monitoring and reporting on dozens of different trends that are already affecting or will soon affect Americans. Many of these trends are interrelated, so I look at the trends from many different angles to see how we should react and what financial advantages we might gain from them.

It is my single-minded goal to arm you with better information — and better analysis — for the critical decisions you will have to make in the coming months and years. That’s why every issue of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor provides in-depth contrarian reporting on economic, political, and financial trends.

In recent issues of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor I've covered the U.S. government's ongoing "War on Cash"... how our government is trying to take over the Internet with the latest push for "net neutrality"... the risks and advantages of digital currency like bitcoin... how U.S. banks are preparing for "bail-ins" during the next financial crisis... how the U.S. government is using Common Core to indoctrinate children so they'll submit to the coming socialist society... and much, much more.

Keep in mind, everything I write about is designed to help investors and freedom-minded Americans like you to protect their liberties, outmaneuver the government, and dramatically grow their wealth by revealing the truth behind the headlines.

Perhaps most importantly, the information you'll find in the MIA is written from a conservative Christian worldview. Plus, each issue is packed with hard-to-get research and historical context so you can better understand the shocking events we are witnessing in our time.

As one Colorado reader remarked upon completing his first three issues of the MIA, "This is some of the most clear-headed and insightful analysis I've ever seen."

If you are sick and tired of our bloated tax-hungry government (and their oppressive liberty-crushing policies)... if you think the Constitution should be upheld at every level of government (instead of being disrespected and totally ignored by the majority of our elected leaders)... if you are frustrated by the lapdog media that feeds you nothing but shallow sound bites and propaganda... if you believe America is morally and financially bankrupt and headed for tough times in the near future... then you will come to anticipate, appreciate, and prosper from a subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.

A Newsletter for People Who
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A subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is almost like an "early warning system". Each month you'll get in-depth coverage of monetary, economic, and geopolitical issues that directly affect you and your family.

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So dumbed down are the American people, and so successful has been the political left in America over the past 60 years, that Americans TWICE elected an openly Marxist, pro-Muslim, pro-homosexual politician from Chicago, and still don't understand that they have lost 80-90% of their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and as a country are headed into a very deep and dark financial, economic, and political abyss.

So, given this reality, which only a small number of Americans really understand, how should that remnant of thinking, discerning, principled, patriotic Americans live – now that the foundations are crumbling all around them as they plunge toward a socialist police state?

This is the question The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor seeks to answer, which is why it covers such a broad range of topics. Recent issues have explored complex developments and provided readers with potent strategies, including:

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And this is just a small sample of the major issues I've covered and the recommendations I've made. After all, each issue is 12 to 20 pages of in-depth research and analysis. I’ve written about safe havens for your moneyhow to protect your personal propertyhow to become self-sufficientnatural remedies for common ailmentseasy ways to make extra money during the financial crisis… and much, much more. The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is, quite literally...

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The Greatest Opportunities Always Happen
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BONUS GIFT #3: "How to Survive the Coming Meltdown of America" (Special Report) — The writing is on the wall. U.S. debt is accelerating at an unsustainable pace. Trump knows we're living in a "bubble economy" and that he may soon have to deal with the bankruptcy of America. To make matters worse, social unrest is about to reach a boiling point, with riots and violent protests all over the U.S. Something has to give. Will you be prepared when "it" finally happens and the facade of civility cracks? This 32-page Special Report provides you with a crash course in how to get prepared before America collapses.

BONUS GIFT #4: Agenda: Grinding America Down (DVD) — Curtis Bowers, a former Idaho state legislator, won "Best of Festival" honors at the prestigious San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival with his incisive exposé of the socialist agenda in America. Naming names, listing details, and carefully tracing lines of influence, he lays out the agenda of Karl Marx's ideological heirs in America. If you thought that the socialists' agenda died with the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, think again. You'll be astounded to see how many of the crippling cultural developments in our country are the result of carefully formulated, extensively documented, and ruthlessly executed plans by committed and capable radicals. The case Curtis makes is devastating. You'll never see it presented more clearly or convincingly. Watch this video — then have all your friends and family watch it, too!

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