The 7 Steps to Preparedness

1. Create a Plan of Action and Know what to do.

a. Find out what can happen in your area.

i. Learn what to do before, during and after every disaster.

b. Create a Disaster Plan for your family and business.

i. Evacuation

ii. Meeting places for family members

iii. Out of state contact person

iv. Post your Important Phone Numbers.

v. Review the check list "How Safe is Your House?"

vi. Know how to shut off your utilities.

vii. Know how to "Report an Emergency."

c. Practice and Maintain your plan.

2. Prepare items for Quick Action

a. Prepare a 3 Day Evacuation Kit.

b. Have a 1st Aid Kit.

c. Have at least ½ tank of Gas in your vehicle.

d. Keep cash on hand in smaller bills.

e. Review your Action Plan Checklist.

3. Preparing for up to 1 year

a. Store Food.

b. Store Water and know how to purify it.

c. Gather and put in place the 40+ most over looked items.

d. Take inventory of your possessions at home and work.

e. Review your insurance policies.

f. Keep immunizations current.

g. Consider: Clothing, Shelter, Heat, Light, Fuel, Cooking and Sanitation items.

4. Long Term - Self Sufficiency

a. Gardening, Canning, and Dehydrating.

b. Alternative Energy - Wind/Solar/Generator/Geothermal

c. Alternative Shelter - Bomb Shelter

d. Communications - Ham Radio.

5. Complete Preparedness - Review your situation with the following

a. Financial

b. Temporal

c. Physical

d. Spiritual

e. Educational

f. Vocational

6. Recovery - Learn the steps taken to return to normal life.

7. Mitigate- Actions taken to prevent or reduce the effects of future disasters.


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