Apr. 11, 2019


Attorney General William Barr has pledged to release next week Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russia's role in the 2016 U.S. election and contacts between Moscow and President Donald Trump's campaign, albeit with color-coded redactions.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police and carried out of the Ecuadorean embassy on Thursday after his South American hosts abruptly revoked his seven-year asylum, paving the way for his extradition to the United States.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that legislation to rebuild the country's infrastructure that Democrats are developing should be worth at least $1 trillion, and she would like to see it be $2 trillion.

North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum signed legislation on Wednesday making it a crime for doctors to perform a second-trimester abortion using instruments like forceps and clamps to remove the fetus from the womb.

South Korea's Constitutional Court on Thursday overturned a ban on abortion that has stood for more than 65 years, saying in a landmark ruling that current law unconstitutionally curbs women's rights.

Republican senators said Alphabet's Google, Facebook and Twitter discriminate against conservative viewpoints and suppress free speech, suggesting anti-trust action could be a solution.

In the year since U.S. authorities shut down sex ad website Backpage.com, the online prostitution market has splintered across a dark and volatile internet landscape with dozens of players trying to fill the void.

Norway's OSM Aviation, a recruitment and training firm partly-owned by low-cost carrier Norwegian Air, has ordered 60 all-electric training planes from Colorado-based aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace to cut flight costs. The cost of each two-seater aircraft is approximately $350,000 per plane, with first deliveries planned for late 2021. "It costs $110 per hour to operate a conventional trainer now. The electric planes will cost $20 per hour."

Amazon.com Inc Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos on Thursday challenged rival retailers to increase their minimum wages to $16 an hour.

Former Pope Benedict has blamed the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal on the effects of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, homosexual cliques in seminaries and what he called a general collapse in morality.

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Hundreds of Honduran migrants, many carrying young children, set out in a caravan for that country's border with Guatemala, hoping to reach the United States.

Possible debris from a Japanese F-35A stealth fighter that crashed during an exercise over the Pacific Ocean was found at sea in what would be the costly jet's second crash in less than a year.

Iraq has offered the US-led coalition to put hundreds of accused foreign jihadists on trial in Baghdad in exchange for millions of dollars, three government sources have told AFP.

A former Catholic priest who fled the United States after allegations he abused children in New Mexico was convicted on Wednesday by a U.S. jury of child sexual abuse, prosecutors said.

Nearly 200 million people who had sensitive information snatched from their Yahoo accounts will receive two years of free credit-monitoring services and other potential restitution in a legal settlement valued at $117.5 million.

French and Malian troops killed or captured more than 30 extremists and dismantled a jihadist training camp during a major counter-terrorism operation near Mali's border with Burkina Faso, the French military told AFP on Friday.

MIT grad student Katie Bouman was behind the algorithm which helped to image the black hole, residing in the middle of galaxy M87, some 55 million light years away.


Amazon, Apple and Google all employ staff who listen to customer voice recordings from their smart speakers and voice assistant apps. All three companies say voice recordings are occasionally reviewed by humans to improve speech recognition. But the reaction to the Bloomberg article suggests many customers are unaware that humans may be listening.

Fertility doctors in Greece and Spain say they have produced a baby from three people in order to overcome a woman's infertility. The doctors say they are "making medical history" which could help infertile couples around the world. The experimental form of IVF uses an egg from the mother, sperm from the father, and another egg from a donor woman.

There's a new addition to the family tree: an extinct species of human that's been found in the Philippines. Its physical features are a mixture of those found in very ancient human ancestors and in more recent people. That could mean primitive human relatives left Africa and made it all the way to South-East Asia, something not previously thought possible. The find shows that human evolution in the region may have been a highly complicated affair, with three or more human species in the region at around the time our ancestors arrive.

The first privately funded mission to the Moon will attempt to land on the lunar surface today. The Israeli spacecraft - called Beresheet - will try for a soft touch down, before taking pictures and conducting experiments. Until now, only government space agencies from the former Soviet Union, the US and China have achieved this.


The federal government reported a $146.9 billion deficit in March, causing annual debt to rise 15% for the first half of the budget year compared to the same period in 2018.

A recent Ohio State University study that found reading five books a day to your children exposes them to about 1.4 million more words by kindergarten than those children who did not have books read to them.

Parents of children participating in an Easter egg hunt at the University of California, Berkeley, were forced to sign a waiver before allowing their children to take part in the egg festivities.

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