Aug. 23, 2019


President Donald Trump is expected to ask a federal judge on Friday to
block Deutsche Bank AG and Capital One Financial Corp from handing the
financial records of the Trump family and Trump Organization to Democratic

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign hosted events in 2020
battleground states on Thursday to mobilize and train suburban women, an
important voting bloc that defected from Republicans during last year's
congressional contests.

The White House will not move forward with plans to cut billions of dollars
in foreign aid, U.S. officials said on Thursday, after an outcry from
Congress about what was seen as an attempt to sidestep lawmakers' authority
over government spending.

Republican pressure on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to run for the U.S.
Senate next year to help keep the party's majority intact is coming up
against President Donald Trump's hope of keeping one of his most trusted
aides in his administration.

Britain will send back migrants who illegally try to cross the channel from
France, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday.

Amid growing international criticism over the wildfires raging through the
Amazon, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday admitted farmers
could be illegally setting the rainforest ablaze but told foreign powers
not to interfere.

Russian President Putin ordered a like-for-like response to a recent U.S.
missile test, which he said showed that Washington aimed to deploy
previously banned missiles around the world.

Billionaire industrialist David Koch, a driving force behind conglomerate
Koch Industries who as one of the world's richest people became a major
financier of conservative causes and political candidates, has died at age
79, his brother said on Friday.

Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay more than $16 million to settle charges
that it violated U.S. corruption laws by hiring relatives of foreign
government officials in order to win or retain business, the U.S. regulator
said in a statement.

More investors are watching the shares of discount retailers like Dollar
General Corp and Dollar Tree Inc , which perform better during economic
downturns, in the hopes of gauging changes in consumer behavior, though
higher tariffs may erode the companies' ability to act as economic

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North Korea's foreign minister on Friday called U.S. Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo a "poisonous plant of American diplomacy" and vowed to "shutter
the absurd dream" that sanctions will force a change in Pyongyang. CEO Patrick Byrne stepped down Thursday amid the backlash to
his disclosure of a romantic relationship with Russian agent Maria Butina.

Hong Kong braced on Friday for further demonstrations and a "stress test"
of the city's international airport at the weekend, as nearly three months
of anti-government protests showed no sign of abating.

Russia will launch the world's first floating nuclear reactor and send it
on an epic journey across the Arctic on Friday, despite environmentalists
warning of serious risks to the region.

Chinese state media on Friday hit back at claims by U.S. officials that
China was failing to crack down on the flow of fentanyl and
fentanyl-related substances into the United States, saying that
responsibility for opioid abuse lay with users.

Online criminals hawking lethal substances like fentanyl are demanding
payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Monero, according to a new
White House report.

Iran unveiled its new home-grown air defense system on Thursday at a time
of increased tensions with the United States. Iranian officials have
previously called Bavar-373 the Islamic republic's first domestically
produced long-range missile defense system.

Mayors from 70 cities across the country spoke out against proposed cuts by
the Trump administration to the federal food stamp program in a letter,
raising concerns that the change will hurt children's health and local

Almost half the rigs operating in Venezuela will shut down by Oct. 25 if
the Trump administration doesn't extend a 90-day waiver from its sanctions,
according to data compiled from consultancy Caracas Capital Markets.

Wildfires are burning across the globe, clogging the sky with smoke from
Alaska to the Amazon, and scientists say it's no coincidence that July was
the warmest-ever month recorded on Earth.


A Mexican judge has granted two people the right to recreational cocaine
use, in the first ruling of its kind, the organization behind the cases

A team of vets has successfully managed to harvest 10 eggs from the last
two surviving female northern white rhinos in Kenya, in an unprecedented

Google has shut down 210 channels on YouTube it said were part of a
"coordinated" attempt to post material about the ongoing protests in Hong


There is a triplet of Earth-sized planet candidates orbiting a star just 12
light-years away, a new study has found. And one appears to be in the
habitable zone.

A 2,800-year-old inscribed stone altar, found within a Moabite sanctuary in
the ancient city of Ataroth in Jordan, may shed light on an ancient
biblical war.

Since cannibalism is found throughout the animal kingdom and therefore is
something natural, perhaps it is time for humans to rethink the "ultimate
taboo" against eating human flesh.

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, is on his way to
becoming a major landowner on the exclusive island of Martha's Vineyard,
all for less than $15 million!

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