Aug. 30, 2019


President Donald Trump, who is engaged in a trade war with Beijing, said on Friday that the largest U.S. automaker, General Motors Co (GM.N), should begin moving its operations back to the United States.

A month after a white gunman targeting Latinos killed 22 people in El Paso, the Democratic-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee will consider new legislation to address rising fears about a convergence of mass shootings and hate crimes.

The United States has imposed sanctions on two people and three firms and identified a blocked ship that it says helped North Korea evade sanctions, the Treasury Department said in a statement on Friday.

U.S. consumer spending increased solidly in July as households bought a range of goods and services, which could further allay financial market fears of a recession, but the strong pace of consumption is unlikely to be sustained amid tepid income gains.

The largest study of its kind found new evidence that genes contribute to same-sex sexual behavior, but it echoes research that says there are no specific genes that make people gay.

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At least 25 people were arrested across El Salvador on Thursday, including businesspeople, lawyers and a former police officer, as part of an operation to break up an alleged migrant smuggling network.

Investors in Africa must beware of burdening countries with "excessive" debt, Japan's prime minister warned Friday, an apparent swipe at China whose Belt and Road policy has been accused of saddling poor nations with crippling debt.

West Virginia state Sen. Mike Maroney has been charged with soliciting a prostitute. The Republican lawmaker turned himself in and was arraigned Wednesday morning, a Marshall County court clerk said. He has pleaded not guilty and paid a $4,500 bond.

Iran conducted a third rocket launch Thursday, but satellite imagery of the launch suggests the country's latest attempt to put a satellite in orbit has ended in failure, NPR reports.

A Russian naval expedition has discovered five Arctic islands, Ranging in size from 900 to 54,500 square meters, as climate change melts glaciers and reveals landforms previously hidden under ice.

Officials in Taiwan demanded Friday that China disclose information about the disappearance of a Taiwanese man who reportedly distributed photos of Chinese troops massing equipment just outside protest-racked Hong Kong.

Hong Kong authorities on Friday charged pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong with organizing an illegal protest as they tighten a clampdown on unrest that has plunged the Asian financial hub into its biggest political crisis in more than two decades.

A 19-year-old freshman arrested in his dorm room at a North Carolina university with two firearms was obsessed with mass shootings and told police he planned to kill his roommate and himself if he failed to get into a fraternity, prosecutors said.

The United States staged a secret cyberattack in June against a database used by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to plot attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf, The New York Times reported.

For the second time this month, commissioners in a rural Nevada county have pre-signed an emergency declaration ahead of the "Storm Area 51" event that's drawn more than 2 million RSVPs on Facebook.

The United States Geological Survey says a 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck roughly 170 miles off the coast of Oregon, in the western United States.

Mexico's drug war appears to be back – and it may be worse this time around than in the bloody years of the government's 2006-2012 offensive against drug cartels.

Police believe there are more victims and possibly more suspects involved after an investigation into two men who have been accused of raping and taking pornographic pictures of children.

A new study, due to be published in the journal Organizational Dynamics, has found that, following the #MeToo movement, men are significantly more reluctant to interact with their female colleagues.

A 3.8 million year old skull from Africa is giving researchers a peek into humanity's evolutionary history, a new study suggests. The find shows what the face of a possible ancestor of the species famously represented by Lucy – the well-known Ethiopian skeleton discovered in the mid-1970s – may have looked like.


Security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir have been accused of carrying out beatings and torture in the wake of the government's decision to strip the region of its autonomy.

Security researchers at Google have found evidence of a "sustained effort" to hack iPhones over a period of at least two years. The attack was said to be carried out using websites which would discreetly implant malicious software to gather contacts, images and other data.

The Great Barrier Reef's outlook has been officially downgraded from poor to very poor due to climate change.

Ghana's government has decided to arm all police officers on traffic duties after a spate of attacks.


An artificial intelligence system that generates realistic stories, poems and articles has been updated, with some claiming it is now almost as good as a human writer.

The Iranian Guardian Council has sentenced Kurdish Bookseller Mostafa Rahimi to three months in prison on charges of selling copies of the Bible in his bookstore, according to the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights.

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