Coronavirus Is Far Less Virulent Than the Flu, Say Experts

Mar. 18, 2020
Bob Adelmann

[Ed. Note: Opinions vary regarding the coronavirus and its inherent danger. What's clear is that the REACTION is extremely dangerous – perhaps necessarily so, but dangerous nevertheless. It is in the process of destroying most of the First and Second Worlds' GDPs; threatening income for individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and governments; and cutting supply lines for basics the world depends on for sustenance. However many may die from the disease, many others are likely to die from the severe social and economic disruptions caused by trying to combat it.]

Suspicion that the panic over the spread of the COVID 19/coronavirus is media-generated grows by the day. Most obvious is the comparison of its death rate compared to the common flu.

Joe Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit, crunched the numbers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Worldometer Coronavirus website, and found that the popular media has greatly exaggerated the fatality rates of the virus when compared to the seasonal flu numbers from 2019-2020. The death rate of the coronavirus is "much less deadly than [that of] the common flu from the 2019-2020 season," wrote Hoft.

The seasonal flu that year infected 222,000 Americans and 22,000 of them died, a death rate of 10 percent. Using data presently available, 94 American citizens have died from the coronavirus out of 5,243 total cases reported so far, a death rate of less than two percent.

Worldwide there are 189,572 reported cases of the coronavirus, of whom 7,513 have died – a death rate of under four percent. "In summary," wrote Hoft, "the coronavirus is not as deadly as is being portrayed in the lying liberal media. In fact, it is not as deadly as the flu."

Hoft's numbers and conclusions were confirmed by Heather Mac Donald, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Writing in the literary journal The New Criterion, Mac Donald did the math as well, calculating that the present number of deaths of Americans compared to the nation's population reveals a death rate of .000029 percent. She noted that the "fear of the disease and not the disease itself" is the real concern:

Even if my odds of dying from the coronavirus should suddenly jump ten-thousand-fold … I'd happily take those odds over the destruction being wrought on the U.S. and global economies from this unbridled panic.

That destruction has been immense. Wall Street's losses are estimated at a staggering $5 trillion, while economists are predicting that the U.S. economy will drop at least five full percentage points in the second quarter of 2020 as the job losses from measures mandated to slow the impact of the virus hit the nation's gross domestic product (GDP).

Mac Donald compared the impact of the coronavirus to other causes of death in the U.S., such as traffic deaths. She wrote, "There were 38,800 traffic fatalities in the United States in 2019 … that represents an average of over one hundred traffic deaths every day. If the press catalogued these in as much painstaking detail as they have deaths from the coronavirus, highways nationwide would be as empty as New York subways are now."

She added:

Shutting down highways would have a much more positive effect on the U.S. mortality rate than shutting down the U.S. economy to try to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mac Donald compared the coronavirus to the deaths during the 2018-2019 flu season: "There were 34,200 deaths in the United States … we did not shut down public events and institutions to try to slow the spread of the flu. Yet we have already destroyed $5 trillion in stock market wealth over the last few weeks … wiping out retirement savings for many."

She went further, asking rhetorically why similar concerns aren't being raised about the mounting opioid deaths, the homicide deaths, and the flu deaths.

There continues to be optimism about how long the coronavirus will last before it burns out. A spokesman for China's National Health Commission, Mi Feng, said on Monday that "Broadly speaking, the peak of the epidemic has passed for China." This confirms what The New American reported on Monday: on February 12 there were 15,200 new cases of the virus reported in all of China. On March 15 there were 16.

The impact of the measures and mandates implemented to mitigate the coronavirus will last far longer. Expect negative job growth for March and well into the second quarter. Expect negative numbers for the economy. Expect the recovery from the stock market implosion to take months if not years. All installed to neutralize the impact of a virus that now increasingly appears to be less virulent than the flu.

That impact includes conditioning the once free and sovereign American citizen to accept federal- and state-imposed mandates to mitigate the coming faux disaster. Americans are being relegated to the role of serf, seeking rescue and protection by the government from a media-generated panic.



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