Dec 18, 2019


The House of Representatives began debate on Wednesday ahead of a historic vote on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump charging him with abusing his office and obstructing Congress that would make him the third U.S. president to be impeached.

Leaders from many Muslim nations including Turkey and Iran gathered in Malaysia on Wednesday to tackle issues agitating Muslims globally at a summit that has been snubbed by Saudi Arabia and its close ally Pakistan.

Germany moved a step closer to banning so-called gay "conversion therapies" on Wednesday, as the cabinet backed a law that would punish bogus practitioners with up to a year in prison.

South Korea and the United States failed on Wednesday to agree on Seoul's contribution toward hosting some 28,500 U.S. troops, but the U.S. side hinted after the two days of talks ended that it will no longer stick to its $5 billion demand.

India's Supreme Court turned down a plea on Wednesday to stop the implementation of a new citizenship law based on religion that has set off violent protests in the country, but said it would hold hearings next month on the sweeping measure.

France's warring trade unions on Wednesday defended their decision to cut power to thousands of homes, companies and even the Bank of France to force a weakened government to drop a wide-ranging pension reform.

Hong Kong football fans booed as the Chinese national anthem was played on Wednesday before their team's clash with China in South Korea as the political turmoil that has gripped the former British colony spilled over to the sports world.

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Ranchers and government officials here are keeping watch on an enemy army gathering to the north, along the border with Canada. The invaders are big, testy, tenacious - and will eat absolutely anything. Feral pigs are widely considered to be the most destructive invasive species in the United States.

For the first time in more than 20 years, Congress could approve federal funding to study gun violence, which kills nearly 40,000 Americans each year. A House bill approved Tuesday includes $25 million for research.

Victims of a mass shooting in Toronto have launched a class action lawsuit against gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, alleging the company failed to implement key safety features in its weapons that could have prevented the 2018 attack.

The U.S. has little leverage to prevent the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany from being completed, two administration officials said, acknowledging the failure of a years-long effort to head off what officials believe is a threat to European security.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday criticized a U.S. move to impose sanctions related to a new Russian-German gas pipeline, signaling that she wants discussions with Washington but declining to threaten retaliation.

Australia this week experienced its hottest day on record and the heatwave is expected to worsen, exacerbating an already unprecedented bushfire season, authorities said Wednesday. The average nationwide temperatures 105.6 F on Tuesday.

Thai police are hunting a convicted serial killer in connection with another murder months after he was released for good behavior, authorities said Tuesday.

Hong Kong has canceled its traditional New Year's Eve fireworks show over security concerns, the latest popular event to be scrapped in the Asian financial hub amid ongoing pro-democracy protests.

A lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir has cost its economy more than $2.4 billion since the government stripped it of its special status, officials of the Himalayan region's main trade organization said on Wednesday.

The US Congress voted Tuesday to lift a decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus, defying Turkey by seeking warmer ties at a time of renewed tensions.


The original Olympic Game Manifesto, an 1892 speech by a French aristocrat outlining his vision for reviving the ancient Games, is to go on sale. It is expected to fetch between $700,000 and $1m at auction in New York.

At least 13 inmates were killed and 15 injured in a shoot-out in a prison in Panama on Tuesday. Officials said they found three AK-47 assault rifles and five pistols.

Every McDonald's in Peru has been closed for two days of mourning, after two young employees were electrocuted at a branch in the capital, Lima. Alexandra Porras Inga, 19, and Gabriel Campos Zapata, 18, reportedly died on a night shift while cleaning the kitchen.

A prehistoric caiman, which weighed up to three tons, had an extra hip bone and upright shoulders to help it carry its weight on land, scientists said.

A group of ship owners have announced plans for a $5bn fund to design zero-emissions vessels. They says $2 should be levied on every ton of ships' fuel - to support research into clean engines.

The European Cheops space telescope has launched to study planets outside our Solar System.


Ford Motor Co. is adding 3,000 jobs at two factories in the Detroit area and investing $1.45 billion to build new pickup trucks, SUVs, and electric and autonomous vehicles.

Our eyes can also be windows into our inner workings, providing important health clues. One such clue may be a link between thinning of the retina, the nerve cells at the back of the eye, which may signal the development of Parkinson's disease.

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