Feb. 19, 2020


President Donald Trump began a four-day Western swing on Tuesday with a fundraiser in Los Angeles, the first stop on a trip aimed at making himself a distraction as Democratic presidential candidates focus on the Nevada caucuses.

As Republican President Donald Trump seeks a second term in November, Americans' interest in voting is growing faster in large cities dominated by Democrats than in conservative rural areas, according to an analysis of Reuters/Ipsos national opinion polls.

Hundreds of people began disembarking a cruise ship in Japan on Wednesday after being held on board for more than two weeks under quarantine, as criticism mounted of Japan's handling of the biggest coronavirus outbreak outside China.

Libya's internationally recognized leader on Wednesday dashed hopes of quickly reviving U.N. ceasefire negotiations after his side withdrew, saying talk of them resuming had been overtaken by events as eastern forces continue to shell the capital.

U.S. homebuilding fell less than expected in January while permits surged to a near 13-year high, pointing to sustained housing market strength that could help keep the longest economic expansion in history on track.

Big manufacturing hubs on the Chinese coast are starting to loosen curbs on the movement of people and traffic while local governments prod factories to restart production, following weeks of stoppages due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Huaqiangbei area in the southern city of Shenzhen is home to dozens of multi-storey malls housing around 38,000 trading desks packed with reels of microchips, phone parts, and other components. The markets remain closed this week, with vendors uncertain of when formal business will resume. But word traveled across groups on the WeChat messaging platform that some were doing business on the streets. By Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of traders had gathered. "I think it's pretty funny, and the atmosphere here is great," said Xu Peng, a microchip trader in a crowd of about 30 traders outside one of the market buildings. Many of the traders clutched bags full of electronic wares as they scanned their phones and waited for buyers or suppliers.

The presence of convicts within the ranks of the Special Actions Force FAES sheds new light on a security force widely considered by Venezuelans to be a mechanism of social control for Maduro, whose government is beleaguered by economic decline, widespread hunger and insecurity, and international sanctions and isolation. Hailed by the president as a new means to fight surging crime and violence, the FAES has become as feared as the criminals it was meant to target, especially in poor districts where hardship fans political instability.

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President Trump on Tuesday exercised his pardon power, granting clemency to or commuting the sentences of nearly a dozen people convicted of crimes, including former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and junk bond pioneer Michael Milken. Trump also referred to himself as the nation's "chief law enforcement officer," a title typically reserved for the attorney general.

A national association of federal judges has called an emergency meeting to address growing concerns about the intervention of Donald Trump and justice department officials in politically sensitive cases, according to US media reports.

A growing number of China's private companies have cut wages, delayed paychecks or stopped paying staff completely, saying that the economic toll of the coronavirus has left them unable to cover their labor costs.

Dozens of women protested outside the presidential residence in Mexico City on Tuesday following the murder of a seven-year-old girl -- a crime that sparked an uproar in the violence-wracked country.

Iran's foreign minister said Wednesday that he believes his recent meeting with a U.S. senator had spooked the Trump administration because it was an opportunity to talk directly to "the American nation."

The Chinese government threatened to retaliate against leading Czech companies if a senior Czech official made good on a planned visit to Taiwan, according to a diplomatic message reviewed by Reuters.

The spectacle of the high-speed construction of two brand new hospitals in less than 12 days in Wuhan was a PR coup for the Chinese government. But one of these is still less than half full, according to official figures released 11 days after it opened.

A North Carolina appeals court on Tuesday blocked the state's voter identification law from going into effect, finding it was a discriminatory attempt to suppress the black vote, in a victory for Democrats and voting rights advocates.


Utah's state Senate has voted unanimously to decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults. Under current laws, anyone found to have multiple spouses could face up to five years in prison.


"Has the 'Global war against baby girls' come to America?" -- concludes that as many as 8,400 girls may be missing due to sex-selection abortion for the years 2014-2018 alone. These new data are worrisome, if not alarming - for they demonstrate that large-scale female feticide has been taking place among certain U.S. sub-populations over the past decade.

China's rush to reopen factories and markets in the midst of a poorly understood outbreak may backfire, a failure that could result in one of the worst depressions the world has ever seen.

The Ring doorbell product and application is "packed with third-party trackers" and creates a "fingerprint" of customers of the company, which is owned by Amazon, warns a new report from a privacy organization.

Two investigations were conducted regarding a French schoolgirl's criticism of Islam via social media. One focused on threats to her life. But the other was against the girl, accusing her of "provoking religious hatred."

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