Jon Caldera, Freedom Activist, Defies Boulder’s Gun Ban

Dec. 7, 2018
by Bob Adelmann

Just as the Boulder, Colorado city council was about to pass (unanimously) a ban on the sale or possession of so-called “assault” weapons in May, Denver radio show host and president of the free market think-tank The Independence Institute, Jon Caldera, defied the coming ban. The Denver Post published his defiance titled “To Boulder’s anti-gun bigots, I will not comply with your hate law”:

My home town of Boulder is about to define me as a criminal if I do not disarm or move.

Let this column serve as a public notice: I will not comply.

After writing of his history as a citizen of the once red but now blue Colorado, and his disappointment about the typical liberal response to gun violence by criminalizing the innocent, he reiterated his defiance:

Let it be known, like those who refused to go to the back of the bus, I will not surrender or destroy my guns, nor will I place my name on a government watch list.

Ah, but the city council doesn’t want to put his name “on a government watch list.” It just wants every gun owner among the city’s 100,000 people to have their firearms “certified” that they owned them before the ban became effective. The grandfathering would require only that they take the offending firearm(s) down to the local police station where they pay a fee (per weapon), subject themselves to a background check, and have the department then issue a certificate of ownership (in duplicate, in case one gets lost) against the day when his ownership is questioned in the future.

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But it isn’t registration, honest. The Boulder Police Department, according to the ever reliant and forthright local media (the Boulder Daily Camera and the Denver Post), have said so. The BPD doesn’t even keep a record of who came in with their newly criminalized firearms. Really.

But there are teeth in the new law. Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr said that anyone found owning a “non-certified” firearm in his possession after December 27 would be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and (not or) 90 days in jail. The now illegal firearm would be confiscated and destroyed.

Carr questioned just how many citizens in the enclave known as “the People’s Republic of Boulder” would comply with the demand that their grandfathered firearms be certified: “This is a very divisive issue where people have strong feelings. The folks who oppose these kinds of bans … some of them suggest they’re not going to cooperate. I can’t predict what people are going to do, but I respect their feelings.”

If national averages of gun ownership are applied to the citizens of Boulder, then there are one or more firearms per citizen, most of them owned before the ban. Roughly speaking, that means there are approximately 150,000 firearms in Boulder that need to be “certified” by December 27.

As of December 1, the Boulder Police Department had certified 85 of them.

Caldera has lots of support, even in “The People’s Republic of Boulder.”


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Caldera’s letter of defiance: To Boulder’s anti-gun bigots, I will not comply with your hate law

Background on Jon Caldera

History of Boulder, Colorado Three percent of the population own half of the civilian guns in the US

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