Jun. 24, 2019


President Donald Trump's fondness for the U.S. Supreme Court could be tested by a series of legal disputes targeting him personally - from his taxes and businesses to his 2016 election campaign - that ultimately may be decided by the justices.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that other countries, including China and Japan, should protect their own oil tankers in the Middle East.

Belgian police have arrested a man they suspect of planning a terrorist attack against the U.S. embassy in Brussels, prosecutors said on Monday.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed Iran and maritime security with rich Gulf Arab allies during a trip to the region on Monday after President Donald Trump called off a military strike to retaliate for Tehran's downing of a U.S. drone.

Iran said on Monday U.S. cyber-attacks on its military had failed, while also hinting that it could be willing to discuss new concessions with Washington if the United States were to lift sanctions and offer new incentives.

The German government will ban exports of German-produced small arms to countries outside NATO and the European Union.

Upcoming peace talks between the United States and the Taliban will focus on working out a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S.-led troops from Afghanistan and on a Taliban guarantee militants won't plot attacks from Afghan soil, sources said on Monday.

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Italy's hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he would hold the Netherlands and the European Union "responsible" for the fate of 42 migrants that Rome has blocked from disembarking at Italian ports for over a week.

Oil prices fell on Monday on concerns about the possibility of weakening demand after large gains last week caused tensions between the United States and Iran.

Conditions in Texas migrant detention centers are the "worst I've ever seen", a Republican from the state has admitted, after reports from lawyers suggested children were enduring lice infestations, flu infections and nights sleeping on cold concrete floors.

Just days after the Archdiocese of Indianapolis cut ties with one Catholic high school over its decision to continue to employee a gay teacher, another school is firing one of its educators to avoid the same fate.

Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018, marking the first time in nearly 40 years that the United States has not been at the forefront of resettlement. Canada resettled 28,000 refugees in 2018, compared to the U.S. resettling 23,000. The two North American countries were followed by Australia, which resettled 13,000 refugees, and the United Kingdom, which resettled 6,000.

Yemen's Houthi movement launched an attack on Abha civilian airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Sunday that killed one person and wounded 21 others, the Saudi-led coalition battling the group in Yemen said.

Thailand's premier made an impassioned plea against protectionism on Sunday at a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders where the fallout from the US-China tariff war has dominated talks.

Upcoming peace talks between the United States and the Taliban will focus on working out a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S.-led troops from Afghanistan and on a Taliban guarantee militants won't plot attacks from Afghan soil, sources said on Monday.

A floating device designed to catch plastic waste has been redeployed in second attempt to clean up a huge island of trash swirling in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.

Microplastic pollution is everywhere in British rivers, with one river having more of the tiny plastic particles than the notorious 'great Pacific garbage patch'. Research by Greenpeace found tiny particles (smaller than 5mm) in every river under test, from south-west England to Northern Ireland.

Bernie Sanders will unveil a plan to cancel all $1.6t of US student debt by introducing a new tax on Wall Street speculation.

One of the world's largest LGBT Pride parades took center stage in Sao Paulo on Sunday, with the carnivalesque festivities tinged with unease over Brazil's conservative political climate under President Jair Bolsonaro.

Turkey has purchased Russian missile defenses and is discussing a delivery date irrespective of any U.S. sanctions, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday, adding the United States is isolated as it also squeezes Turkey on F-35 jets.


The UN says tens of thousands of Islamic State fighters and family members being held in Iraq and Syria must be tried or released. The last IS strongholds fell in March and some 55,000 people are being held, including thousands of foreigners.

Eleven Republican senators from the state of Oregon are in hiding. They walked out of Salem's Capitol building on Thursday and state police have been given authorization to track them down. This bizarre series of events has unfolded amid a deep rift between the state's rival parties.

Three mysterious deaths and dozens of violent attacks on butch lesbians, or camionas, have put lesbians in Chile's Fifth region on red alert.


The Flying Wallendas defied gravity in a daring never-before-attempted stunt where they successfully crossed a 1,300ft-long high-wire set 25-stories high across two New York sky scrapers in Times Square, all without a safety net.

The vast majority of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically-fueled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents, a new report found.

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