Mar. 4, 2020


President Donald Trump's re-election campaign sued the Washington Post for libel on Tuesday over two opinion pieces that it said suggested improper ties between the campaign and Russia, North Korea or both.

A resurgent Joe Biden rode a wave of momentum to win Texas and eight other states and Bernie Sanders was leading in Super Tuesday's biggest race in California, setting up a one-on-one battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a global shortage and price gouging for protective equipment to fight the fast-spreading coronavirus and asked companies and governments to increase production by 40% as the death toll from the respiratory illness mounted.

China will use a Roche Holding AG arthritis drug to treat some coronavirus patients in severe conditions, health authorities said on Wednesday, as the country seeks to build up treatment regimens to help the infected recover.

Australia's major grocers put strict limits on purchases of toilet paper on Wednesday after a rush of panic buying related to coronavirus fears emptied shelves, as the country recorded its third case of local transmission of the disease.

South Korea reported 516 new coronavirus cases as thousands of sick people waited for hospital beds in Daegu, the city at the center of the worst outbreak outside mainland China.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Japan reached the 1,000 mark, as the government reiterated that plans to host the Tokyo Summer Olympics in July remained on track.

The United States on Wednesday carried out its first air strike on Taliban fighters in Afghanistan since the two sides signed a troop withdrawal agreement on Saturday.

Lufthansa will ground 150 aircraft out of its total fleet of around 770 due to the coronavirus, the German airline said.

Italy's government is set to close schools and universities, cinemas and theaters and ban public events across the whole country to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak, according to a draft decree.

Greek security forces used tear gas and water cannon on Wednesday against hundreds of migrants trying to cross the border from Turkey, as Athens and Ankara accused each other of lying about what was happening.

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Around 3 billion years ago, Earth may have been covered in water - a proverbial "waterworld" - without any continents separating the oceans. That's according to a new study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Geoscience by a pair of researchers from the University of Colorado-Boulder and Iowa State University. They uncovered an ancient piece of marine sediment in the Western Australian outback that may have some answers for the evolution of life on Earth.

Eight percent of Iran's parliament - 23 out of 290 members - has been infected with the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Iran has temporarily released 54,000 prisoners to combat the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus.

A large asteroid will fly close to but won't hit Earth next month, according to NASA data. CNN reports that the asteroid, predicted to be between 1.1 and 2.5 miles wide is scheduled to fly past Earth on 29 April at 4:56am ET. The asteroid will come within 3,908,791 miles of Earth.

Scientists have released new images of a mysterious object that has joined Earth's orbit. The object created excitement earlier this week when it was announced that it appeared to be a new "minimoon" that had arrived in Earth's orbit and further research is required.

Fighting in northwest Syria has rendered large parts of the region uninhabitable for civilians now crammed into an ever-shrinking area where conditions are dire.

The United States on Wednesday carried out its first air strike on Taliban fighters in Afghanistan since the two sides signed a troop withdrawal agreement on Saturday.


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has urged women to have six children "for the good of the country". The country is facing an economic crisis which has resulted in severe food and medicine shortages.

The death toll from two tornadoes that ripped through central Tennessee has risen to 25, the state's Governor William Lee said on Tuesday.

Colombia will have to resume aerial spraying to destroy coca crops, US President Donald Trump has said. Colombia is the world's largest producer of cocaine, while the US is the world's largest consumer.

A YouTuber who kidnapped a woman in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in February 2018 has been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Australian scientists are developing a satellite that can better identify where bushfires might start. The small spacecraft would carry infrared detectors specifically tuned to the country's dominant vegetation - in particular to its widespread eucalypt trees and shrubs. The satellite's data will be used to help assess the "fuel load" and moisture content of forests.

Indonesia's most active volcano, Mount Merapi, has erupted again, spewing ash 6,000m into the air and blanketing a nearby village.


Transgender activists have insisted that allowing men who identify as women to use a bathroom with females poses no threat, but an alleged sexual assault case in a "gender-neutral" bathroom at a Wisconsin high school is only the latest case to refute that claim.

A "vast unplanned experiment in mass homeschooling" could be unleashed in the United States if school officials follow the response of some nations to the coronavirus. In Japan, officials closed all schools, beginning Monday, for the next month. Hong Kong officials have closed schools for two months.

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