With Mueller Report Dead and Economy Thriving, Democrats Are Flailing About

May 13, 2019
by Bob Adelmann

With polls showing voter fatigue over the Mueller report and Joe Biden being the best Democrats can come up with (so far), President Donald Trump should win reelection in a walk.

Biden, with a Freedom Index rating (for his time in Congress) of just 18 out of 100 (identical with Nancy Pelosi), and a penchant for fondling females, is just now being fully outed. His Democrat opponents are doing everything they can to blunt his runaway train, and Republicans are having a field day exposing Biden’s Ukrainian exploits involving his son Hunter.

The Democrats just can’t seem to catch a break. According to a study the Brookings Institution prepared for Bloomberg News:

Jobs are growing at a faster rate in Trump country than they are in the Democratic-leaning urban and coastal areas [of the country]….

During the first 21 months of Donald Trump’s presidency, the 2,622 mostly rural and exurban counties he won in the 2016 election added jobs at twice the pace they did during the previous two years under the Obama administration….

The uptick in Trump country is crucial to the president’s re-election chances in 2020.

The latest Gallup weekly tracking poll shows Trump enjoying a 91 percent approval rating among Republicans while his overall support jumped seven percentage points. This bump followed the release of the Mueller report and more news about the expanding economy.

Another poll by WPA Intelligence shows that the president holds a crucial advantage over Democrats in critical states he needs to win re-election. His approval rating in Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Texas was 50 percent or higher, while in Wisconsin his support is 49 percent and in Michigan, 45 percent. Across those six states, the poll confirmed Gallup’s results with a 91 percent approval rating among Republicans, 82 percent approval among conservatives, and a very respectable 46 percent approval rating among independents.

The Brookings/Bloomberg poll also looked at sectors of the economy, and learned that those industries hardest hit during the Obama  years – mining and oil and gas extraction, manufacturing, and trucking – have bounced back strongly under Trump. The mining and oil and gas industry lost 247,000 jobs during Obama’s final years, but has added back 108,000 jobs during Trump’s first two years. Manufacturing suffered a slump during Obama’s final two years, adding only 63,000 jobs. Under Trump 454,000 jobs have been added.

None of the United States’ enemies abroad can compare with its internal adversaries. One of the worst is a billionaire intent on destroying the country and remaking it according to his own twisted priorities. Read more about him and his crusade to destroy this country in this FREE report.

The trucking industry was also hard hit under Obama, with just 9,000 jobs being added during his final two years in the White House. Since January 2017, the Brookings/Bloomberg study showed that more than 60,000 new jobs have been added during Trump’s first two years.

According to Rasmussen Reports, not only are the American people tired of the Mueller report, they don’t think the Democrats have any chance of impeaching the president or, for that matter, AG William Barr or Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. According to Rasmussen, 71 percent of likely U.S. voters think the House is unlikely to impeach any of them, while just 22 percent consider impeachment as likely.

Trump’s “four corners offense” – a basketball strategy for stalling a game to keep the opposing team from scoring – is working, to the chagrin of Richard Cherwitz. Writing in The Hill, Cherwitz complains that Trump’s strategy of not allowing former White House counsel Don McGahn and others to comply with subpoenas issued by various House committees chaired by rabid anti-Trump Democrats is working. He says it’s “a deliberate and calculated attempt to play a four corners offense.” If those committees press the matter, the issues will likely wind up in court, with decisions likely being delayed until after November 2020’s presidential election. It’s a strategy, wrote Cherwitz, of “running out the clock.”

Second, wrote Cherwitz, Trump controls the narrative through his “relentless Twitter posts.” In addition, Trump is enjoying support from both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) as they both consider the Mueller case “closed.”

Cherwitz admitted as much: “This [strategy] poses an enormous challenge for Democrats who need to devise an effective rhetorical strategy to counter the president. Thus far, there doesn’t seem to be one.”

Not quite. They have a strategy, but it seems to be one of deliberate self-immolation. There’s the preposterous Green New Deal, to be funded with the magical dreamy Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). There’s the gun registration and licensing scheme designed to tick off more than 50 million American gun owners who cherish their Second Amendment rights. There’s open borders.

And Joe Biden.

Barring some kind of miraculous reorientation back to the planet Earth by the Democrats before November 2020, Trump should win in a walk.



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