The New York Times Thinks Biden’s Mental Condition Needs “Intensive Care”

Mar. 9, 2020
Bob Adelmann

Please note: this writer agrees with something a member of the New York Times' editorial board wrote! Michelle Cottle posted her opinion about Joe Biden's mental health on Friday, with which this writer is in complete agreement: Uncle Joe has lost it and needs some serious work.

She opined:

Mr. Biden has suddenly gone from being gently ignored – like the dotty uncle who's forever talking nonsense at family get-togethers – to being touted as the man to beat….

No matter how super Mr. Biden's Super Tuesday, it did not magically erase all the factors that kept his campaign becalmed for so long. Joe is still Joe, with all his charms and foibles. And even as his team prepares for external threats, they also recognize that a key part of their job going forward is to protect the candidate from himself….

[Biden suffers from] verbal incontinence. Mr. Biden likes to talk, a lot. And he tends to wander off on tangents, switch directions and erupt in non sequiturs.

Every time he speaks, Democrats hold their breath.

And well they should. The president has put together a "greatest hits" compilation of Biden's gaffes from the past, adding "WOW! Sleepy Joe doesn't know where he is, or what he's doing. Honestly, I don't think he even knows what office he's running for!"

Trump was referring specifically to a gaffe Biden made last month when he asked voters in South Carolina to consider him for the United States Senate.

A few days later he introduced a Senate candidate as the "next president." He also claimed at the Democratic debate in South Carolina that 150 million Americans have been killed by gun violence since 2007. And then he failed to remember what show he was on when he was interviewed by Fox News host Chris Wallace, calling him "Chuck." Responded Wallace: "It's Chris, but anyway…."

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In a video-recorded interview last month with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, Biden said:

I'm the guy that put together the plan in Columbia, straightening that government out for a long while. Now what's happening? Millions of people are crossing the border and destabilizing Bolivia….

The Washington Examiner checked the map, caught the error, and tweeted "Bolivia does not share a border with Venezuela. The two are separated by 700 miles of the Amazon rainforest."

The list of gaffes attributed to the Democrat Party's frontrunner is unsettlingly long. He confused Margaret Thatcher with Theresa May, referred to the Second Amendment as the First, tripled the number of casualties in the 1970 Kent State shooting, and mixed up his campaign website address with a text-message code. And at the Iowa State Fair, he perhaps most famously declared that "we choose truth over facts!"

Republican strategist and former Clinton advisor Dick Morris thinks Biden needs to be checked out: "We cannot elect a president who might have Alzheimer's. The magnitude of the decisions a president needs to make has to rule out anyone who is mentally impaired. And Joe Biden's performance in dozens of interviews raises valid questions about his mental health."

So does Ronny Lynn Jackson, the chief medical advisor to the president, who tweeted: "Remember the cognitive test I gave [the president], the one he aced? Sounds like somebody else might need some testing done!"

Times ' editorial board member Cottle agrees: "The Biden campaign has indeed resurrected itself. But it could still use some intensive care."


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