Nov 8, 2019


Public impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump next week will mark a historical moment in political television both because of the high stakes and how people will watch the proceedings.

The top United Nations court rules on Friday on whether it has jurisdiction to hear a case brought by Ukraine against Russia over Moscow's alleged support of pro-Russian separatists in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine.

The average annual compensation for non-executive directors at S&P 500 companies rose 2 percent to $304,856 last year, topping $300,000 for the first time and 43 percent higher than it was 10 years ago, according to a new report released by executive headhunters Spencer Stuart. But thanks largely to stock grants some earned a lot more than that.

China is scouring the world for meat to replace the millions of pigs killed by African swine fever (ASF), boosting prices, business and profits for European and South American meatpackers as it re-shapes global markets for pork, beef and chicken.

Tariffs could be lifted amid the U.S.-China trade deal if an agreement is reached, a White House spokeswoman said on Friday, citing optimism about a final pact but giving no further details.

Angry kin of nine American citizens massacred in a suspected gangland ambush in northern Mexico urged the government to accept U.S. help to destroy drug cartels that one grieving relative described as being "as bad or worse than ISIS."

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Of 250 glaciers studied, all had retreated except one: Taku Glacier. The Taku Glacier north of Juneau, Alaska, one of the world's thickest mountain glaciers is finally succumbing to global warming, a new analysis reports. But an analysis shows Taku has lost mass and joined the rest of the retreating glaciers.

As 850 Mexican local, state and federal security personnel prepared to raid a big state prison near the U.S. border, criminals inside orchestrated a wave of chaos outside the walls in Ciudad Juarez. Ten people were killed in various incidents around the city Tuesday night and early Wednesday as criminals tried unsuccessfully to create a diversion or pressure authorities to stop the raid, officials said. "At least eight of these murders were tied to the diversion issue."

The opposition leader put in charge of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs said on Friday it was time to reassess a campaign that was fraught with senseless killings and had failed to curtail a staggering rise in addiction.

Vietnam will inspect all phones imported from China, such as Huawei and Xiaomi models. At issue is whether the Chinese-made phones come with preinstalled navigation apps that use maps reflecting Chinese territorial claims rejected by Hanoi, such as the expansive nine-dash line claims in the South China Sea that overlap resource-rich maritime areas Vietnam says are within in its exclusive economic waters. The U.S. has said the area under dispute could contain oil and gas reserves worth $2.5 trillion.

A university student in Hong Kong who fell during weekend protests has died, marking the first student death as fallout widens from anti-government demonstrations that have disrupted the city.

China on Thursday jailed nine people for selling fentanyl to Americans, the result of a landmark joint probe, and pledged further co-operation following President Donald Trump's fury at Beijing's perceived inaction against Chinese suppliers fueling the deadly US opioid crisis.

In an extremely unusual case, South Korea deported two North Korean fishermen on Thursday after determining they had killed 16 other crew members on their boat and then fled to South Korean waters, Seoul officials said.

Iranian forces shot down a foreign drone over the port city of Mahshahr in southern Khuzestan.

The mayor of a city in Bolivia was beaten, dragged through the streets barefoot, covered in red paint and had her hair forcibly cut by a crowd of masked protestors on Wednesday in what appears to be the latest outburst of political violence after a contested election last month.

Parents of babies and toddlers will be required to use special alarmed child seats under a new law in Italy, in response to a spate of children dying in cars from extreme heat. Parents who fail to buy the alarmed car seats, or buy alarm attachments, face fines of up to €326 and five points being docked from their driving license.


The UN has said that if an Ethiopian locust infestation is not brought under control then the crop-devouring insect could "invade" neighboring countries.

At least 14 woolly mammoth skeletons have been uncovered in Mexico in traps built by humans about 15,000 years ago. The two pits in Tultepec north of Mexico City are the first mammoth traps to be discovered, officials said.

US President Donald Trump has told ministers from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan that he will "cut the ribbon" at the inauguration of the controversial Grand Renaissance Dam when it is completed.

At least five people have been killed and hundreds more injured in an earthquake in north-western Iran, officials said. The 5.9-magnitude tremor struck in the early hours of Friday in East Azerbaijan province, Iran's Seismological Center said.


President Donald Trump will make history on Monday when he will become the first sitting president to attend the New York City Veterans Day Parade.

China is exporting drones that it advertises as having lethal autonomy to the Middle East, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said. It's the first time that a senior Defense official has acknowledged that China is selling drones capable of taking life with little or no human oversight.

An Obama-appointed federal judge in New York struck down a Trump administration rule that enabled health-care providers, on religious grounds, to refuse to perform abortions services.

An undercover investigation by BBC News Arabic has found that domestic workers are being illegally bought and sold online in a booming black market.

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