Sep. 5, 2019


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Thursday his government will provide details on Friday on talks with the United States over curbing migration, at the end of a 90-day period in which Mexico vowed to take tougher measures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe on Thursday that Tokyo's military ties with the United States and many other issues made it hard for Japan and Russia to sign a World War Two peace treaty.

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that a major prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine was close, after a court in Kiev freed on bail a man suspected of involvement in the downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine in 2014.

U.S. technology companies including Facebook, Alphabet's Google , Microsoft and Twitter met with U.S. intelligence agencies on Wednesday to discuss security strategies ahead of the November 2020 election.

A unit of the largest U.S. public employees union has filed a complaint with the Justice Department's Inspector General alleging that an appointee of President Donald Trump may be improperly using political criteria gleaned from social media to remove people who have expressed views contrary to Trump's from participating in the process of awarding grants to organizations that provide services to victims of crime.

Pope Francis urged the people of Mozambique on Thursday to nurture their hard-earned peace and strive to provide equal opportunities for all so as not to slip back into civil war.

China and the United States on Thursday agreed to hold high-level trade talks in early October in Washington, amid fears that an escalating trade war could trigger a global economic recession.

Thousands of Yahoo email users took to Twitter on Thursday to complain that the internet company's services have been unavailable for more than six hours. Users in Spain, France and Germany were the worst hit, according to outage tracker website Downdetector.

General Motors will use embedded Google technology to power navigation, voice activated controls and other vehicle infotainment functions starting in 2021, in a win for Alphabet in the race with Amazon and other technology companies to control dashboards.

U.S. private employers boosted hiring in August, suggesting the economy continued to grow at a moderate pace despite trade tensions which have stoked financial market fears of a recession.

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The Trump administration is awarding nearly $2 billion in grants to states and local governments to help fight the opioid crisis.

The Trump administration turned its deregulatory focus Wednesday to light bulbs, scrapping a rule that would have phased out less energy efficient incandescent bulbs. The move slows a years-long push by Congress and past administrations to switch Americans to LED bulbs and other lighting using less electricity.

A man convicted of killing an 89-year-old woman and her elderly daughter in their Fort Worth home in 2003 was put to death by lethal injection in Texas on Wednesday.

A Florida man spent $49,285.70 at a Costco on Wednesday for 100 generators and other household goods to be shipped to the Bahamas following the destruction from Hurricane Dorian, CNN reported.

The UK Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose has had almost daily confrontations with Iranian forces in the past two months, with 115 unpleasant interactions in the Persian Gulf since the start of July, The Times reports, citing the ship's commander.

The FBI is monitoring groups on the border that are protesting U.S. immigration policy.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that while he was not a fan of online gambling he was unwilling to ban the business, as China has called for, because of the harm that would do to the country's economy.

No cash, no cards, no wallet, and no smartphones: China's shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods with just a turn of their heads as the country embraces facial payment technology. China's mobile payment infrastructure is one of the most advanced in the world, but the new systems -- which require only face recognition -- being rolled out nationwide could make even QR codes seem old-fashioned.

California has just become the first state in the nation to outlaw fur trapping. It will prohibit the trapping of native animals including grey fox, coyote, beaver, badger and mink, along with the sale of their pelts, which often end up in foreign markets.


A court in Honduras has sentenced former First Lady Rosa Elena Bonilla to 58 years in prison. Bonilla, 52, was found guilty of misappropriating $779,000 from international donations and public funds during the four years her husband Porfirio Lobo was in power. Prosecutors said she had used the money to buy jewelry and to pay for medical bills and her children's tuition.

South Africa has temporarily closed its diplomatic missions in Nigeria following reprisal attacks by Nigerians triggered by xenophobic violence in South Africa.

A British lay missionary could become Zimbabwe's first saint as the country's Catholic Church officially launches the cause for John Bradburne's canonization. He was killed during Zimbabwe's war of liberation, while serving at a leper colony.


Addressing the purported scourge of bullying, substance abuse and other problems among youth today, several academics have developed The "Kindness Curriculum," a curriculum for youngsters to teach them how to be nicer people.

Researchers from the University of Michigan and Texas A&M University discovered that study participants viewing video news stories on smaller, smartphone-sized screens exhibited less heart rate variability and a decrease in perspiration fluctuation compared to individuals watching news on larger screens. Both of these observations indicate that people aren't as attentive to news presented on small screens.

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