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He Has a 39-Year Track Record of Accurately Predicting Financial Events and This Is His Biggest Prediction by Far...

Americans Are So Blind They Have
Totally Missed This Massive
"Ticking Time Bomb"
That's About to Decimate
the U.S. Economy

WARNING: When This "Ticking Time Bomb" Explodes, All But the Most Well-Prepared Americans will Experience the Most Extreme Financial Hard Times of Their Lives...

Dear Friend.

When I first heard Don McAlvany's latest prediction, I could hardly believe it.

He’s made some pretty wild predictions before, but this one is bigger and scarier than all the predictions he’s made during the last 39 years.

You see, Don is predicting the biggest financial crisis in world history.

He's not predicting an isolated stock market crash or real estate crash — although these things may also happen. Rather, he's predicting a global financial crisis that no government or central bank will be able to stop no matter how hard they try.

And when this financial crisis happens (in the very near future), it will fundamentally change the American way of life in ways that today are hard to comprehend.

I'll tell you more about what Don is predicting — and how to prepare — in just a few moments. But first you should probably know a little bit about Don's background and why you should pay attention to what he has to say.

Why Listen to Don McAlvany?

Don has been closely observing our nation's trends and analyzing them in his monthly newsletter, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, for more than 39 years. And during that time, he’s made many accurate financial and political predictions. For example:

    • In 1999, Don began telling his readers to buy gold when it was just $252 an ounce. Had you followed his advice, you could have pocketed as much as 657% profits during the last 16 years. Even with gold currently sitting at multi-year lows, you STILL would have quadrupled your money.


    • In November 2005, Don started writing about the real estate bubble. That was a full two years before the market began to implode. During those two years, his readers had ample time to get out of real estate, pocket their equity, and ride out the collapse in housing prices unscathed.


    • In 2007, he told his readers to get out of stocks. The DOW then plummeted more than 50% from a high of over 13,000 in 2007 to a low of 6,549 on March 9, 2009. Dr. C.B., a subscriber from Paramus, NJ, said this: "Last summer I read Don’s warnings about the coming drop in the stock market. I instructed my broker to drastically decrease my stock positions. The DJIA dropped 44% in the 7 months since I called them!"

These are just three of many trends and events Don has accurately predicted during the last three-plus decades.

If you ignored these trends, chances are you are much poorer today than you might otherwise be. But if you heeded these trends, they clearly demonstrate how you could have made yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars richer during the last 15 years.

So you might be wondering, how has Don been able to predict major financial and political events before they happen?

An Unusual Mix of Knowledge & Experience

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First and foremost, Don is a lifelong student of history. Solomon says in the Bible, "There is nothing new under the sun." In other words, what has been ... will be again. Don's deep understanding of history gives him an edge when it comes to forecasting future events.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg ...

Another big reason for Don's ability to accurately predict future events is his background in undercover intelligence and firsthand experience on Wall Street.

He remains closely connected with financial experts and independent research groups, and he’s often sought out by high-level leaders for his advice on complex issues that have far-reaching effects on nations and citizens.

This rich network of "insider" connections helps keep Don — and, more importantly, his readers — well-informed even while the majority are still in the dark.

While Don's track record speaks for itself, today there are even bigger trends on the horizon — with even bigger opportunities to profit from them ...

But none are bigger right now than the fast-approaching financial crisis that threatens the entire world — and especially the United States.

This Massive Bubble Is about to EXPLODE
and It Will Take Down the Entire U.S. Economy!

Right now, the biggest bubble in the world is the debt-based global monetary system. The United States sits at the top of this debt-money system.

As Don recently pointed out in his newsletter, global debt was "just" $87 trillion in 2000. It then climbed to $142 trillion by 2007 (right before the crash) — and then skyrocketed to $199 trillion in 2014.

That is a 228% increase in just 14 years, and it represents the largest debt bubble in world history!

But it's actually even worse than this. Don explains why ...

The Dollar's Dirty Little Secret

To understand how this debt bubble came into existence, you first need to understand how new money enters the financial system.

First, the U.S. government issues sovereign bonds to raise money to pay for things that aren't covered by taxes. These bonds are sold to a select group of banks and financial institutions.

The government gets its money. The bank gets a promise of repayment.

It doesn't stop there though. The bank then lists its newly purchased bonds as "assets" on its balance sheet. These "assets" are then used to issue more debt-money in the form of mortgages, car loans, credit cards, interbank loans, and more.

This is how new money enters the economy: in the form of debt.

This means that leverage is built into the system.

Remember, all major governments follow this same process, so the debt-money system is not limited to the U.S. It extends across the whole world.

Today, there are $100 trillion in bonds currently in existence. A third of these are in the U.S. About half of the bonds are from developed nations outside the U.S. And the remaining 14% come from emerging markets.

The $100 trillion figure is shockingly large. So large it is difficult to comprehend. But this is, quite literally, just the tip of the iceberg. That's because of something called "derivatives"...

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Why the Bond Bubble Alone Is Enough
to Give Grown Men Nightmares

Derivatives are an exotic financial product that are sold and traded based on an underlying asset.

In this case, there are credit derivatives that are sold based on the underlying debts. But the amount of credit derivatives sold far exceeds the actual debts themselves.

So while there are $100 trillion in government bonds, these have all been pledged as collateral for credit derivatives. And when you add all these derivatives up, you come to a frightening figure ...

The total exposure of the worldwide bond bubble is an astounding $555 TRILLION.

To put this number in perspective, consider that the total Gross World Product (GWP) is only $74 trillion per year. So the current bond bubble represents 7½ YEARS’ worth of all the labor and production of the ENTIRE world.

Consider also that the Credit Default Swap (CDS) market that nearly destroyed the financial system in 2008 was only $50 to $60 trillion — just 1/10th of the size of the current bond bubble!

Here's Why This Debt Bubble
Is So Dangerous

The bond bubble is extremely fragile and susceptible to a rapid and catastrophic unwind. The reason for this is because of the massive amount of leverage built into the system.

All it takes is one default to cause a ripple effect that would be quickly magnified.

For example, if there is a default on one $10 million bond, that could quickly wipe out $55 million worth of "assets" due to the leverage of credit derivatives.

And when there is one default, there are often two or three or four more defaults not far behind.

It's a domino effect — with leverage ramping up the speed and severity exponentially.

And as this debt gets wiped out — and the corresponding derivatives go up in smoke — money evaporates and exits the system.

Remember, money is created when it is loaned into the system. So when the debt goes away, that money leaves the system. This can quickly lead to deflation — which is one of the government's greatest fears ...

The Single Biggest Economic
Risk to Americas

On June 30, 2009, when the U.S. was still mired in recession, Janet Yellen addressed The Commonwealth Club of California on the issues of inflation and deflation.

She opened her talk by saying that she was "putting all her cards on the table" and that she believed that deflation was a much bigger economic risk than inflation. She went on to say this:

If the economy fails to recover soon, it is conceivable that this very low inflation could turn into outright deflation. It's conceivable that if deflation were to intensify, we could find ourselves in a devastating spiral in which prices fall at an ever faster pace and economic activity sinks more and more. It's conceivable, but I don't view this as likely.

Of course, the Fed went on to pump BILLIONS of dollars into the system through "quantitative easing", so deflation was temporarily averted.

But we are now in a zero-interest environment, and the Fed has run out of tricks for propping up the market. When the bond bubble bursts — as Don expects will happen in the very near future — there will be nothing the Fed can do to stop the economy from going into a catastrophic tailspin.

Of course, the Fed will still try, even if their efforts are doomed. Don believes they will eventually be forced to pump billions more dollars into the system to "fight deflation". This could quickly whiplash the economy from deflation to hyperinflation in a short amount of time.

Regardless of which scenario we end up facing — deflation in the short-term or hyperinflation in the long-term — the American economy will enter uncharted territory and Americans will suffer major losses if they are not properly prepared.

The Big Bond Default You Haven’t Heard about Yet

Believe it or not, the bond bubble may have already been pricked. Don points out that something happened last summer for the first time in history, something that received almost ZERO coverage in the mainstream media.

A U.S. commonwealth defaulted on its bonds.

Puerto Rico owed a payment of $58 million to bondholders on August 1st, 2015. They could barely scrape together $628,000 — a paltry 1% of the total amount owed.

This missed payment was NOT a surprise. Alternative media had been writing about the impending default for a period of 2-3 months before it actually happened.

After Puerto Rico missed the August 1st payment, the credit rating agency Moody's said publicly that Puerto Rico was in default.

Right now, Puerto Rico is trying to restructure $72 billion in bonds because they cannot make the payments. But factor in derivatives and the total exposure on these bonds could be closer to $400 billion.

That's a lot of money.

Obviously, bondholders are trying to play hardball to get what they feel is owed them. But they will not get it because Puerto Rico is effectively bankrupt.

Puerto Rico has no money. There will be no bailouts. Nobody is coming to save them.

This is why the one thing that the media and other financial institutions are trying to avoid saying at all costs is this: That Puerto Rico is bankrupt.

Because as soon as they admit that the commonwealth is bankrupt, it could trigger a chain reaction where bondholders begin dumping their risky bonds ... thereby igniting the short fuse of the bond bubble.

You see, Puerto Rico is the canary in the coal mine. It's telling Americans that NOW is the time to batten down the hatches and get ready for the explosion of the biggest debt bubble the world has ever seen.

So When Will the Debt Bubble Pop?

This question is difficult to answer because politicians and Wall Street insiders want to keep the game going for as long as they can. As a result, they will do everything in their power to stop the next financial crisis.

Some experts are already predicting a stock market crash before summer. Others are predicting that the crash will happen in stages between now and the end of the year 2018.

For our purposes, the specific date is not important. It is sufficient to know that the debt bubble WILL undoubtedly pop and that there WILL be another financial collapse here in the U.S. that will be far bigger than the 2008 crash and recession.

This next financial crisis will be felt by nearly everybody, rich and poor, and its effects will be felt for years, possibly decades. The question then becomes, what things do you need to know about between now and when "it" finally happens? And how should you best prepare?

That's where Don's newsletter comes in ...

Clear-Headed Analysis of Major Trends
You Simply Can't Afford to Miss

At any given time, Don is monitoring and reporting on dozens of different trends that are already affecting or will soon affect Americans. Many of these trends are interrelated, so he looks at the trends from many different angles to see how we should react and what financial advantages we might gain from them.

It is Don's single-minded goal to arm you with better information — and better analysis — for the critical decisions you will have to make in the coming months and years. That's why every issue of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor provides in-depth contrarian reporting on economic, political, and financial trends.

Recent issues of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor have covered the U.S. government's ongoing "War on Cash"... how Obama is trying to take over the Internet with the latest push for "net neutrality" ... the risks and advantages of digital currencies like bitcoin ... how U.S. banks are preparing for "bail-ins" during the next financial crisis ... how the U.S. government is using Common Core to indoctrinate children so they'll submit to the coming socialist society ... and much, much more.

Keep in mind, everything Don writes about is designed to help investors and freedom-minded Americans like you to protect their liberties, outmaneuver the government, and dramatically grow their wealth by revealing the truth behind the headlines.

Perhaps most importantly, the information you'll find in the MIA is written from a conservative Christian worldview. Plus, each issue is packed with hard-to-get research and historical context so you can better understand the shocking events we are witnessing in our time.

As one Colorado reader remarked upon completing his first three issues of the MIA, "This is some of the most clear-headed and insightful analysis I've ever seen."

If you are sick and tired of our bloated tax-hungry government (and their oppressive liberty-crushing policies) ... if you think the Constitution should be upheld at every level of government (instead of being disrespected and totally ignored by the majority of our elected leaders) ... if you are frustrated by the lapdog media that feeds you nothing but shallow sound bites and propaganda ... if you believe America is morally and financially bankrupt and headed for tough times in the near future ... then you will come to anticipate, appreciate, and prosper from a subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor.

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A Newsletter for People Who
Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

A subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is almost like an "early warning system". Each month you'll get in-depth coverage of monetary, economic, and geopolitical issues that directly affect you and your family.

The goal? To make you aware of significant trends — not covered by the mainstream media — that you simply must be aware of. To provide you with clear analysis of these trends and a clear course of action to preserve and expand your wealth, health, and freedom.

Once you're a part of this "early warning system", you won't be surprised by what happens. In fact, you'll be two steps ahead of everybody else ... well-informed and well-prepared ... long before the next crisis happens.

In other words, you will be part of the privileged minority who can clearly SEE and HEAR what's coming. After all, how else to describe average Americans but BLIND and DEAF? As Don wrote in a recent issue of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor ...

So dumbed down are the American people, and so successful has been the political left in America over the past 60 years, that Americans TWICE elected an openly Marxist, pro-Muslim, pro-homosexual politician from Chicago, and still don't understand that they have lost 80-90% of their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and as a country are headed into a very deep and dark financial, economic, and political abyss.

So, given this reality, which only a small number of Americans really understand, how should that remnant of thinking, discerning, principled, patriotic Americans live – now that the foundations are crumbling all around them as they plunge toward a socialist police state?

This is the question The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor seeks to answer, which is why it covers such a broad range of topics. Recent issues have explored complex developments and provided readers with potent strategies, including:

    • America's Economic Day of Reckoning: Why the dollar could collapse by the year 2016. How to protect your money and position yourself to profit during the market mayhem that ensues.


    • Why the U.S. Government and Wall Street Have Waged a Decades-Long War on Gold. Plus, how much you should have invested in gold and the one BIG reason why it could go to $5,000 or even $10,000 an ounce virtually overnight.


    • 6 Secret Objectives the Political Left hopes to accomplish via Obamacare. This legislation was NEVER truly meant to expand health insurance or provide better healthcare. You will be shocked by what it's really intended to do ...


    • 38 mindset shifts that will protect your wealth, strengthen your resolve, and provide you with peace of mind no matter how tough things get.


    • The 3 Stages of Martial Law that could Transform America into a Totalitarian Police State. It is still a little-known secret that our American rulers are invoking the very same strategies Hitler used to establish the Third Reich. (We are already in "Stage 2" of the three stages.)


    • How total tyranny could be imposed in the U.S. almost overnight. Americans are the most spied on people in the history of the world. The government has all the information it needs to come after you or anybody else it deems a "domestic enemy".


    • How the FDA is seeking to regulate natural health supplements by reclassifying them as "drugs". What this means for you and your health in the years ahead.


    • 9 essential strategies to prepare for the coming collapse of the American Empire. (These 9 strategies should be your highest priorities as you seek to prepare for crisis.)


    • How the Marxists slowly took over America without ever firing a shot. (Hint: There's a reason why Hollywood pumps out so much mindless garbage every year.)


    • Most Americans would never leave the U.S., but if you were forced to leave, where would you go? Discover the environmental, social, and economic reasons that might compel you to leave — as well as 5 specific countries that would be worth your consideration.


    • 9 good reasons to consider living in (or moving to) a small town with a population of only 5,000 to 10,000 people. Trust me, you do NOT want to live in a big city when the President declares martial law and locks down all the exits. Things will turn violent very quickly.


    • Can't leave the city? Discover 26 urban survival tips that will help keep you safe and secure during social unrest, natural disasters, and short-term food shortages.

And this is just a small sample of the major issues we've covered and the recommendations we've made. After all, each issue is 12 to 20 pages of in-depth research and analysis. We've talked about safe havens for your money ... how to protect your personal property ... how to become self-sufficient ... natural remedies for common ailments ... easy ways to make extra money during the financial crisis ... and much, much more. The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is, quite literally ...

Your Monthly Blueprint for Preserving
Your Wealth & Freedom in a World that Is
Hell-Bent on Stealing Everything You Have!

The advice you get each month could literally save you from sudden poverty at the hands of greedy (and ignorant) politicians. In fact, the advice you get may even position you for windfall profits — so that you prosper even while others are struggling to make ends meet.

Thanks to government policies that have impoverished ordinary people (and enriched banks), millions of Americans are already struggling to get by. Nearly 50 million (about 1 in 6) are living on food stamps. And if things get as bad as Don thinks they will, then tens of millions more will be living in abject poverty, wondering where they will live and how they will feed their families.

While I cannot promise that subscribers to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor will remain totally unscathed, I can promise they will have a distinct advantage. And keep this in mind ...

The Greatest Opportunities Always Happen
During the Times of Greatest Change

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While it can be discouraging to see the direction our country is headed, Don continually reminds his readers that with great change comes great opportunity.

In fact, right now, there are many opportunities to hedge your wealth and make a killing as the U.S. economy crumbles. These opportunities are not always easy to spot, but I promise you they exist.

For example, right now there are plenty of opportunities for geographic arbitrage. This is where you make money in a well-off area while living in an inexpensive low-tax area. An even bigger opportunity is in grabbing part of the booming "share economy" — the new decentralized economy that is stealing huge chunks of business from billion-dollar hotel chains, car rental companies, and college universities.

Plus, there are opportunities to develop "hands-off" sources of income that you can count on every single month ... there are opportunities to move your money into assets that will appreciate during economic hard times ... there are even opportunities to develop new skills that will command top wages in the years to come (and Don will tell you what they are).

The bottom line: If there is an opportunity for you to improve your financial status and quality of life, then Don is fully committed to share it with you.

So while Don will give you a heavy dose of reality in every issue of the MIA, you'll also get an equal dose of practical advice for preparing, profiting, and thriving — no matter what happens here or abroad.

WARNING: For Tough-Minded
(and Resilient) People Only ...

When you subscribe to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, you'll automatically become part of an elite group of tough-minded conservative thinkers, including business insiders and a handful of truly conservative Senators, Congressmen, and other key government officials. You'll become part of a committed cadre that is not content to watch America fall apart — but is dead-set on taking proactive steps to slow down the collapse while at the same time preparing for it.

What's more, you will know more about what's really happening in this country than 97% of your friends, family, and neighbors. This is not hype. In the past 39 years, Don has discovered firsthand that most people simply don't understand what's happening in this country, much less the ramifications and appropriate responses.

That's why a subscription to the MIA is so important. Chances arethe people you interact with daily have little or no inkling what's really happening. After all, they're too busy staying current with Facebook updates and reality TV shows to be bothered with the serious (and troubling) trends that are taking shape right under their noses.

The best part: A subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is much more affordable than you might expect ...

A Small Investment
with a Big Return

Don would love to help everybody, of course. Because a prepared society (which is made up of prepared communities) will be able to survive and thrive in spite of whatever greedy, self-centered politicians may do.

Of course, he realizes not everybody is tough-minded enough to read the things he has to say, much less act on his recommendations. And yet he remains optimistic that he can still help a few more people to avoid the economic carnage that's coming.

If you've read this far, I strongly suspect you're one of the few Don can help ... one of "the remnant" who is determined to be "wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves".

A year-long subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is normally $179. But right now you can get 12 issues of MIA for a nominal investment of only $149. That works out to just 41 cents a day. You probably spend more than that just on your daily cup of coffee or tea.

But if cash is tight right now (as I know it is for many folks) ... or if you'd prefer a shorter time commitment to see if the MIA is right for you ... then you can take advantage of our quarterly plan, which is just $37.25 every three months.

By the way, you don't pay any extra to be on the quarterly plan. It is the same exact price whether you pay annually or quarterly.

So pick the quarterly plan or the annual plan — and you'll immediately begin to get timely, insightful, and (most importantly) profitable advice, delivered straight to your mailbox, each and every month, all for "pocket change" compared to how much you could profit in the months ahead.

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Listen, these days I watch my money carefully. And with career politicians rummaging through your pockets for every nickel they can get, I bet you do, too. That's why I offer such a strong guarantee.

If at any time in the next 90 days you're not totally satisfied with your subscription to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, simply call us for a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you've paid. But even if you cancel after 90 days you will receive a pro-rated refund of your subscription price.

It doesn't matter whether you choose the annual or quarterly payment option — you're protected for a full 90 days. If you're not thrilled to be a subscriber, simply call us for a quick, courteous, and complete refund.

And I insist that you keep all the issues you've already received as my thanks for giving Don's newsletter a fair evaluation.

Why do I offer such an unusually generous guarantee? There are two very good reasons:

1. I realize you may have never heard of Don McAlvany or his newsletter. So I'm taking all the risk off your shoulders and placing it squarely on ours. You don't risk anything to try Don's newsletter — and the burden is on us to provide you with financial insight and guidance that is worth far more than the cost of subscription.

2. As I mentioned above, Don has been writing the MIA for 39 years now. And would you believe it? We have been mailing the newsletter to some subscribers for 20+ years! That is a long, long time, especially in the newsletter business. You see, once you experience the MIA for yourself — and profit from it — I'm hoping that you, too, will become a long-term subscriber.

So there you have it. I'd love to welcome you as the newest subscriber to The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. Simply call 1-877-622-5826 to subscribe today. You can also order online here:

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Subscribe today risk-free ... and see for yourself.


Robert Kroening
Robert Kroening
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P.S. The global credit meltdown is approaching fast. When the debt bubble finally bursts, it will destroy the American way of life. The time we have to prepare is shorter than it's ever been. Subscribe TODAY. There's not a moment to spare. Simply call 1-877-622-5826. You can also subscribe online at: Subscribe Now!



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