Survival and Preparedness Books

Aftermath :-
by Charles Sheffield

Armed & Female :-
by Paxton Quigley

Big Book Of Secret Hiding Places :-
by Jack Luger

Bullseyes Don't Shoot Back :-
by Rex Applegate

Combat Leaders Field Guide :-
by James Gallagher

Common Sense Survival :-
by Bob Newman

Common Sense Survival Guide :-
by Albert Sindlinger

Contemporary Atlas :- Of The United States
by Catherine Mattson

Death By Deception :- Advanced Improvised Booby Traps
by JoJo Gonzales

Great Living In Grubby Times :-
by Don Paul

How To Bury Your Goods :- The Complete Maunual Of Long Term Underground Storage
by Eddie The Wire

How To Disappear Completely :- And Never Be Found
by Doug Richmond

Land Cruising & Prospecting :-
by A Harding

Land Navigation Handbook :- The Sierra Club Guide To Map & Compass
by W Kals

Life After Doomsday :- A Survivalist Guide To Nuclear War & Other Major Disasters
by Bruce Clayton

Mini 14 Super Systems :-
by Duncan Long

No Such Thing As Doomsday :- Underground Shelters How To Prepare For Earth Changes, Wars & Other Threats
by Philip Hoag

Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia :- Volume 2
by Ragnar Benson

Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia :- Of Practical Knowledge
by Ragnar Benson

Ragnar's Guide :- To The Underground Economy
by Ragnar Benson

Ragnar's Homemade Detonators :-
by Ragnar Benson

Ragnar's Ten Best Traps :-
by Ragnar Benson

Real World Survival :- What Has Worked For Me
by Walt Rauch

Roughing It Easy :-
by Dian Thomas

Spec Ops :-
by William McRaven

Street Smarts For The New Millennium :-
by Jack Luger

Survival Skills :- All Action
by Libby Roberts

Surviving Global Slavery :- Living Under The New World Order
by Robert Spear

SWAT Battle Tactics :- How To Organize, Train & Equip A SWAT Team
by Pat Cascio

Tactical Tracking Operations :-
by David Donelan

The Complete Guide To Orienteering In North America :-
by Berndt Berglund

The Complete Tracker :-
by Len McDougall

The Hurricane Handbook :- A Practical Guide For Residents Of The Hurricane Belt
by Sharon Carpenter

The Modern Survival Retreat :-
by Ragnar Benson

The New Improved Poor Man's James Bond :-
by Kurt Saxon

The Rummager's Handbook :- Finding, Buying, Cleaning, Fixing, Using & Selling Second-Hand Treasures
by R McClurg

The SAS Survival Handbook :-
by John Wiseman

The Sense Of Survival :-
by Alan South

The Sovereign Individual :- Mastering The Transition To The Information Age
by James Davidson

The Sovereign Individual :-
by James Davidson

The Survival Retreat :-
by Ragnar Benson

Thrift Score :- The Stuff, The Method & The Madness
by Al Hoff

Tom Brown's Field Guide :- To City & Suburban Survival
by Tom Brown

Unintended Consequences :-
by John Ross

When Nothing Makes Sense :- Disaster, Crisis & Their Effect On Children
by Gerald Deskin

The Survivor Vol 1 :-
by Kurt Saxon

The Survivor Vol 2 :-
by Kurt Saxon

The Survivor Vol 3 :-
by Kurt Saxon

The Survivor Vol 4 :-
by Kurt Saxon


A Field Guide To Mammal Tracking :- In North America
by James Halfpenny

A Handbook For Wilderness Survival :-
by Bob Harris

Advanced Life Support Skills :-
by Dwight Polk

Alaska On Foot :- Wilderness Techniques For The Far North
by Erik Molvar

AMC Guide To Winter Camping :- Wilderness Travel & Adventure
by Stephen Gorman

America's Wilderness :- The Complete Guide To More Than 600 National Wilderness Areas
by Buck Tilton

Another Wilderness :- Notes From The New Outdoorswoman
by Susan Rogers

Becoming An Outdoors Woman :-
by Christine Thomas

Best Of Woodsmoke :- A Manual Of Primitive Outdoor Skills
by Richard Jamison

Boulder & El Dorado Trail Maps :-
by Kent Schulte

Buckskin Joe :-
by Edward Hoyt

Bush Basics :- A Common Sense Guide To Backwoods Adventure
by Glen Stedham

Bushcraft :- Outdoor Skills & Wilderness Survival
by Mors Kochanski

Camping & Survival :- Adventurers
by Jeremy Evans

Camping & Woodcraft :-
by Horace Kephart

Camping In The '90s :- Tips, Techniques & Secrets
by Victoria Logue

Camping's Forgotten Skills :- Backwoods Tips From A Boundary Waters Guide
by Cliff Jacobson

Canoe Camping :- An Introductory Guide
by Cecil Kuhne

Deadfalls & Snares :-
by A Harding

Desert Hiking :-
by Dave Ganci

Everybody's Outdoor Survival Guide :-
by Don Paul

Give Your Heart To The Hawks :- A Tribute To The Mountain Men
by Winifred Blevins

Horses, Hitches & Rocky Trails :-
by Joe Back

How To Shit In The Woods :-
by Kathleen Meyer

How To Stay Alive In The Woods :-
by Bradford Angier

How To Stay Alive In The Woods :-
by Bradford Angier

How To Survive On Land & Sea :-
by Frank Craighead

Hypothermia :- Frostbite & Other Cold Injuries
by James Wilkerson

Into The Primitive :-
by Dale Martin

Live Off The Land :- In City & Country
by Ragnar Benson

Long Distance Hiking Lessons :- From The Appalachian Trail
by Roland Mueser

Lost In The Devil's Desert :-
by Gloria Skurzynski

Made For The Outdoors :-
by Len McDougall

National Audobon Society :- Field Guide To North American Weather
by David Ludlum

Northwest Mountain Weather :- Understanding & Forecasting For The Backcountry User
by Jeff Renner

Off The Beach :-
by Nevil Shute

Outdoor Survival Skills :-
by Larry Olsen

Practical Outdoor Survival :-
by Len McDougall

Primitive Outdoor Skills :- More Wilderness Techniques From Woodsmoke
by Richard Jamison

Primitive Wilderness :- Living & Survival Skills
by John McPherson

Safe & Sound :- How Not To Get Lost In The Woods
by Gordon Snow

Snow Caves For Fun & Survival :-
by Ernest Wilkinson

Staying Found :- The Complete Map & Compass Handbook
by June Fleming

Survival :- A Manual That Could Save Your Life
by Chris Janowsky

Survival In The 90s :- A Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts
by Bob Newman

The 2 oz. Backpacker :- A Problem Solving Manual For Use In The Wilds
by Robert Wood

The Appalachian Trail Backpacker :- Trail Proven Advice For Hikes Of Any Length
by Frank Logue

The Avalanche Handbook :-
by David McClung

The Backpacker's Field Manual :-
by Rick Curtis

The Basic Essentials Of Desert Survival :-
by Dave Ganci

The Basic Essentials Of Rescue :- From The Backcountry
by Buck Tilton

The Basic Essentials Of Survival :-
by James Churchill

The Basic Essentials Of Women In The Outdoors :-
by Judith Niemi

The Camper's Pocket Handbook :- A Backcountry Traveler's Companion
by John Goll

The Campers & Backpackers Bible :-
by Thomas Huggler

The Complete Wilderness Training Manual :-
by Hugh McManners

The Essential Wilderness Navigator :-
by David Seidman

The National Outdoor Leadership School's Wilderness Guide :-
by Peter Simer

The New Wilderness Handbook :-
by Paul Petzoldt

The Outdoor Adventure Handbook :-
by Hugh McManners

The Outdoor Survival Handbook :-
by Raymond Mears

Tom Brown's Field Guide :- To Wilderness Survival
by Tom Brown

Tracking & The Art Of Seeing :- How To Read Animal Tracks & Sign
by Paul Rezendes

Wilderness Basics :- The Complete Handbook For Hikers & Backpackers
by Jerry Schad

Wilderness Survival :-
by Gregory Davenport

Wilderness Survival :- Staying Alive
by Suzanne Swedo

Wilderness Survival Handbook :- A Practical, All-Season Guide To Short Trip Preparation & Survival Techniques
by Alan Fry


A Killing Frost :-
by John Marsden

Death & Deliverance :- The True Story Of An Airplane Crash At The North Pole
by Robert Lee

Iceberg Hermit :-
by Arthur Roth


Earthquake Prepared :- Securing Your Home, Protecting Your Family
by Joel Leach

Earthquake Recovery :- A Survival Manual For Local Government

Earthquake Survival Guide :-
by Fryar Calhoun

Earthquake Survival Manual :-
by Lael Morgan

The Next New Madrid Earthquake :- A Survival Guide For The Midwest
by William Atkinson

The Oregon Earthquake Handbook :- An Easy-To-Understand Information & Survival Guide
by Vern Cope


Disaster Preparedness :-
by Julie Freestone

Disaster Survival Guide :-
by Cass Igram

Emergency & Disaster Planning Manual :-
by Laura Kaplan

Emergency Procedures For Country Living :- What To Do
by Ralph Ritchie

Emergency Survival Guide :-
by Michael Borofka

Emergency Survival Packs :- How To Prepare A 14 Day Evacuation Kit
by Blair Jaynes

Making The Best Of Basics :- Family Preparedness Handbook
by James Stevens

Portable Wealth :- The Complete Guide To Precious Metals Investment
by Adam Starchild

Preparing For Catastrophe :- On A Budget
by Bruce LaRue

Survivalist's Little Book Of Wisdom :-
by David Scott

The Complete Book Of Survival :- How To Protect Yourself
by Rainer Stahlberg

The Safe Tourist :- Hundreds Of Proven Ways To Outsmart Trouble - & Still Have A Wonderful Trip
by Natalie Windsor

The Survival Handbook :-
by Peter Darman

Wright's Complete Disaster Survival Manual :-
by Ted Wright

117 Days Adrift :- World Of Cruising
by Maurice Bailey


Abel's Island :-
by William Steig

Adrift :- Seventy-Six Days Lost At Sea
by Steven Callahan

Adrift :-
by Allan Baillie

Beyond Courage :- Shipwrecked & Adrift - One Family Fights To Survive
by Robert Aros

Castaway In Paradise :- The Incredible Adventures Of True-Life Robinson Crusoes
by James Simmons

My Escape :- Shipwrecked
by Judy Donnelly

Our Last Chance :- Sixty-Six Deadly Days Adrift
by Bill Butler

Rescue In The Pacific :- A True Story Of Disaster & Survival In A Force 12 Storm
by Tony Farrington

Survive The Savage Sea :- Sailing Classics
by Dougal Robertson

The Cay :-
by Theodore Taylor

The Coral Island :- A Tale Of The Pacific Ocean
by R Ballantyne

The Raft :- The Courageous Struggle Of Three Naval Airmen Against The Sea
by Robert Trumbull


Crime Proof :- Protecting Yourself, Your Family & Your Property
by Marilyn Moore

Safe, Not Sorry :- Keeping Yourself & Your Family Safe
by Tanya Metaksa

Secure From Crime :- How To Be Your Own Bodyguard
by Don Paul


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