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May 11, 2018


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's trip to Singapore for talks with U.S. President Donald Trump poses logistical challenges that are likely to include using Soviet-era aircraft to carry him and his limousine, as well as dozens of security and other support staff.

Immigrants from Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and other countries who were given protected status to live in the United States should have a path to citizenship, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told National Public Radio on Friday.

The Philippine Supreme Court voted on Friday to remove its top judge, whom President Rodrigo Duterte called an "enemy" for voting against controversial government proposals, citing violations in the way she was appointed.

Iran's foreign minister will travel to Moscow on May 14 and meet his Russian counterpart, the RIA news agency reported on Friday citing Zamir Kabulov, a Russian foreign ministry official.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the Iran nuclear deal after Washington announced its withdrawal from it, the Kremlin said on Friday.

U.S. and Chinese officials are set to meet in Washington on Friday to discuss trade disputes between the world's two largest economies ahead of a pending visit by China's top economic official, a U.S. Treasury official said.

A dam on a Kenyan commercial farm that burst this week, killing at least 45 people, was built illegally, the water resource regulator said on Friday as police opened an initial investigation into the disaster.

Russia is not in talks with the Syrian government about supplying advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles and does not think they are needed, the Izvestia daily cited a top Kremlin aide as saying on Friday, in an apparent U-turn by Moscow.

U.S. President Donald Trump will meet 10 major automakers at the White House on Friday to discuss the fate of landmark fuel efficiency standards and a looming confrontation with California and other major states.

Residents on the Big Island of Hawaii were alerted on Thursday to rising levels of toxic gas from lava-oozing fissures, and geologists warned that new areas east of the erupting Kilauea volcano may be at risk of molten rock bursting from the ground.

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This month, Dartmouth College announced plans to eliminate loans from its student financial aid packages and increase the size of scholarship awards. Currently, half of all Dartmouth undergraduates receive some form of financial aid. The hope is that eliminating student loans will provide more opportunities for middle- and low-income families.

Uber Technologies plans to deliver food by drone in San Diego as part of a wide-reaching commercial test program approved by the federal government on Wednesday.

The Senate voted Thursday to confirm Michael Brennan to a lifetime seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ― a vacancy that Republicans prevented President Barack Obama from filling for six years.

Defense attorneys for the man suspected of being the 'Golden State Killer' argued Wednesday that prosecutors' search and arrest warrants should not be released publicly.

U.S. import prices rose less than expected in April as a rebound in the cost of petroleum products was tempered by a drop in food prices, the latest indication that inflation pressures were increasing moderately.

Rolls-Royce unveiled its first SUV on Thursday. The Cullinan, named for the diamond in Britain's Crown Jewels, carries a $325,000 price tag plus an estimated $5,000 gas-guzzler tax.


Iran has backed Syria's "right to defend itself" after Israel launched strikes on what it said was Iranian military infrastructure inside Syria.

Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans have taken part in fresh anti-government protests in the capital, Managua, and in Matagalpa y Chinandega.

France has condemned as "unacceptable" a US move to re-impose sanctions on companies trading with Iran. The action from Washington followed President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of a landmark deal that sought to curb Iran's nuclear program.

A man has been fined a record-breaking $120m for making more than 90 million automated marketing telephone calls in the US. Miami salesman Adrian Abramovich was accused of trying to sell holidays and timeshare properties with the unsolicited robocalls. The fine is the largest the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ever issued.

Google says it will take steps to ensure that humans are not fooled when they get called by software bots that can convincingly mimic the human voice. Anyone called by the bot will be told they are conversing with a machine.

Scientists in New Zealand have documented what they believe is the largest wave ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. The 78ft wave was measured by a buoy on New Zealand's Campbell Island in the Southern Ocean. Larger waves have been recorded in the northern hemisphere.

Some 400,000 children are at risk of starving to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


A CNN poll has revealed that 57 percent of respondents say things are going well in the United States today, stunningly more than double that figure from a similar survey in 2010.

Scientists have called for more research into the risk posed by "thirdhand smoke" after finding chemicals from cigarette fumes can account for nearly a third of the air particles in non-smoking environments.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe can no longer count on the U.S. for military protection and must "take its destiny into its own hands."

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