When Death is Practical

March 24, 2010
by Robert Kroening

In all the debate about healthcare, virtually no one has stated the obvious: The new healthcare system will not be a problem, it will be the solution. Not because it will make people healthier, but because it will ration their healthcare, and thus hasten their deaths.

Virtually no one has toted up the obligations the U.S. has promised its citizens (well over $100 trillion), seen that they are unpayable, and concluded that the intent of the new healthcare system is to save the system. The only way to do so is for the U.S. government to do away with the people it considers "useless eaters," as the Third Reich did.

American voters are still too close to their Christian past to add this matter up in the way our government is doing. We still think of the elderly and incapacitated as human beings worthy of dignity and respect. But, practically speaking (and from the government's point of view), people who are past their useful working days are enormous liabilities. Their claims on Social Security and Medicare run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per person. The poor health habits and entitlement mentalities that many of them possess make them black holes into which the government will be pouring money for decades to come.

The solution? Ration healthcare. Everyone knows that rationing healthcare entails delaying or denying healthcare to some (by definition), which costs lives. The debate thus far has been conducted in terms that acknowledge such deaths as a problem. From our government's point of view, however, they're not a problem. They're the solution. Remove the useless eaters. They've bailed out as many of our government's bad decisions as they're going to. They are no longer taxpayers; they are tax consumers. Their time is gone. Now they need to die, and make room for the still-productive slaves of the regime.

To those readers who are offended by the suggestion that our government wants to kill many of us, consider this: At this point in history, socialistic governments have a long and well-established record. From Germany to Russia to China to Cambodia to North Korea to Vietnam to Uganda to many others, the record is consistent. When socialism rules, people die. It's not theoretical; it's not equivocal; it's not marginal. It kills people, and it kills a lot of them.

If members of our government don't know this, why are they governing? This is not rocket science. The 20th Century is red with the blood of countless millions of victims sacrificed to socialist ideals (Communism and Fascism are both based on socialist ideals). If a member of Congress or the President isn't consciously thinking that, in passing this healthcare bill, they are acting to kill Americans, it is because they are in denial, criminally ignorant, or incapable of coming to obvious, if unpleasant, conclusions. Any of the three ought to be a disqualifier for public office (as should be any kind of support for this bill or one like it).

They are without excuse. And we must acknowledge that early death is what the debate is really about. If you don't see this, you'll be conducting the debate in terms that are entirely beside the point as far as Congress and the President are concerned.

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