Why Does Obama Want to Start a War?

Aug. 30, 2013
by Bob Adelmann

With President Obama isolated in his quest to justify his pending attacks on Syria, why would he press on? Why would he incur the wrath not only of an increasing percentage of the American people, but his supporters as well?

Everywhere one looks, people are running away from Obama. In Canada, PM Stephen Harper was blunt: “This is a very big risk … the government of Canada has no plans … to have a Canadian military mission [in Syria].” In the UK, PM Cameron failed – twice – to get support for Obama’s imminent adventure: “It’s clear to me that the British parliament and the British people do not wish to see military action.” Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino has refused to support Obama. France – well, France is doing what it does best: sitting on its hands to see what happens.

The natives in the House and Senate are getting restless. Letters requesting – some demanding – that Obama show proof to justify his actions are being signed by Democrats as well as Republicans: at last count more than 170. And some of Obama’s most liberal war-mongers – Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez, Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy, Virginia Democrat Timothy Kaine, just for starters – are “questioning” Obama’s motives, asking how an attack in the suburbs of Damascus can possibly pose an imminent threat to the safety and security of the United States.

Some are calling for a special session, including Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who said:

When and if President Obama makes a decision on Syria, he must immediately call a special session of Congress and persuade the American people that what he proposes is critical to the defense of our nation.

And then, licking his lips in anticipation of the endless possibilities such a special session could open, he added:

I am confident that all members of Congress would willingly return to Washington to work with him on this issue.

The other natives – the American voters who still think they have a voice in the matter – are getting even more restless. Polls taken across the political spectrum, from Ipsos to Rasmussen, are showing a growing distaste for such a move. Obama’s claims that there are “core American interests” that justify attacking Syria are falling more and more on deaf ears.

Obama can’t come up with enough proof to show that Assad directly ordered the attacks. Why, one agency isn’t even sure where Assad’s chemical weapons are stored!

Alex Newman, writing for the The New American, has seriously questioned whether Assad had anything to do with the attack. Others have suggested that the rebels themselves (who are aligned with Al Qaeda) did the dirty deed in order to bring pressure on Assad. Others have suggested the whole event was a false flag event – instigated by the CIA? – to invite the expected retaliation by Obama.

Wayne Allyn Root, the popular conservative curmudgeon, has offered perhaps the most persuasive answer to why Obama would continue to pursue a course that is causing everyone to head for the exits: a war in Syria would solve lots of problems for him.

Problems like the cratering of Obamacare. The sick economy that just can’t find its footing despite continued juicing by the Fed. The Benghazi murders that simply won’t go away. The IRS scandal. The failure of his gun control measures in a Democrat-controlled Senate. The exposure of the NSA by Manning and Wikileaks. The list goes on.

Wrote Root:

How do you solve such … disasters? You go to war.

Voilà! Suddenly, young people with no job prospects have a job – in the military. They have a check, a place to live, something to do. They no longer have time to commit crimes or riot in the streets….

War would stir patriotism and force Americans to rally around the President….

Going to war is the perfect distraction….

Based on an extensive study of Obama’s background, associations, and statements, an article entitled “What Makes Obama Tick?” was published late last year that concluded that Obama’s prime driver – his first order of business – is to increase the size, reach, power, influence, and cost of government. Nothing does that better than another war. The fact that an attack on Syria would also help him in the polls, neutralize Congress, and distract the public from the problems his administration is facing, is just frosting.

A graduate of Cornell University and a former investment advisor, Bob is a regular contributor to The New American magazine and blogs frequently at www.LightFromTheRight.com, primarily on economics and politics. He can be reached at badelmann@thenewamerican.com.



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