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Black Lives Matter Spawned by a Self-Defense Shooting Eight Years Ago

Three Marxists needed a "cause célèbre" and the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in February 2012 served perfectly. From that incident arose Black Lives Matter (BLM), an entity which continues to plague our society, and local police, to this day.

The lawsuit filed by Zimmerman on Tuesday against Martin's parents, their family attorney, and related parties for $100 million is serving to remind readers that big gates often swing on little hinges.

On the surface, the self-defense shooting should have been covered adequately by the local paper in Sanford, Florida: "Night watchman attacked, kills attacker in self-defense." End of story.

Except that the attacker was black and the defender was white (well, not really white – Zimmerman is a mixed-race individual – but close enough) and that changed everything. The case made headlines across the land for months on end. The ugly details take up 52 pages on Wikipedia: Zimmerman murdered Martin, a young innocent black youth who was just out for a stroll in the middle of a rainy night in central Florida, having just returned from a local convenience store to purchase some candy and a soft drink.

A jury found Zimmerman not guilty, but by that time it didn't matter. The story stuck and BLM now has chapters all across the land and around the world.

That's what makes the filing of a lawsuit by Zimmerman last Tuesday so important. It gives readers another chance to learn what really happened that rainy night in Sanford, how corrupt and power-hungry individuals turned the case into career builders and Marxists used it to further their revolutionary cause.

In the lawsuit filed by his attorney on Tuesday, George Zimmerman claimed that many parties involved in his trial fabricated evidence in an attempt to convict him of murder.

Zimmerman named the teenager's parents, his alleged girlfriend, her coached "stand in," the Martin's family attorney, the prosecutor, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in the lawsuit, claiming that each of them had a hand in "conspiring to switch and/or cover up the identity of [Miller's girlfriend,] who was the real phone witness to the events prior to Trayvon Martin's death, by substituting an imposter and fake witness … to assist in committing perjury in sworn testimony to cause the arrest, prosecution, and sentencing to life in prison of George Zimmerman, as well as causing a federal investigation and prosecution of Zimmerman for civil rights violations."

That's a mouthful, and sounds more like grist for a John Grisham legal thriller.

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