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Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011


President Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan would help avoid a return to recession by maintaining growth and pushing down the unemployment rate next year, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg News.

The European Union proposed a financial-transactions tax that would take effect in 2014 and raise about $78 billion a year, prompting renewed opposition from the U.K.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government presented a 2012 budget that keeps spending unchanged from this year, with higher debt and pension charges continuing to weigh on its deficit.

Inflation in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, accelerated more than economists forecast in September to the fastest pace in three years.

Emirates, the biggest international airline, will add flights to Seattle and Dallas in a revival of plans to establish a major route network to the world’s largest economy that it shelved after the 2001 terror attacks.

Oil fell in New York, heading for the biggest quarterly decline since 2008, on speculation that fuel demand will drop as the U.S. economy slows and Europe’s debt crisis batters consumer sentiment.

Men carry a higher risk of colon cancer than women and should get their first colonoscopy to screen for the disease at age 45, five years earlier than the current recommendation.

More people in the U.S. ignored their doctor’s advice and skipped prescription drugs or medical procedures to save money in 2011 than a year earlier, a Consumer Reports survey showed.

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Libya's new rulers believe Gadhafi may be hiding in the southern desert, possibly in a vast area near the Algerian border, under the protection of ethnic Tuareg fighters.

Government health benefits for some 9 million of the sickest and poorest U.S. citizens will come under scrutiny from the congressional "super committee" seeking to cut the nation's debt.

A Republican-led House panel has asked the Planned Parenthood Federation of America to hand over more than a decade's worth of documents in a probe of whether the organization improperly spends public money on abortions.

Afghan and U.S.-led coalition troops have destroyed drugs worth more than $350 million and three drug laboratories in southern Afghanistan.

President Obama's popularity has risen sharply in Israel after he spoke out forcibly against a Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations last week, according to a Jerusalem Post poll.

Russia's military says an experimental intercontinental ballistic missile failed during a test launch.

The number of gay and bisexual characters on broadcast network TV dipped slightly this season to 19 out of nearly 650 roles, according to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Applications for U.S. home mortgages rose 9.3 percent last week, reflecting a jump in demand for home loan refinancing as mortgage rates dropped, an industry group said.


As many as 16 people may have died from listeria in contaminated cantaloupes from Colorado, officials say, with other cases elsewhere in the US.

Iraq has made the first payment in a deal to buy 18 US F-16 fighter jets worth a total of about $3bn, the US state department has said.

Mexican police find five heads in a sack left outside a primary school in Acapulco, as a teachers' strike over extortion threats continues.


Just one day after a case challenging Barack Obama's presidential eligibility was scheduled to be heard in conference at the U.S. Supreme Court, several veteran attorneys who already have fought that battle say it's time for the high court to step up, do its job and make a ruling on the controversial constitutional question of eligibility.

A new Zogby poll puts Herman Cain at the top of the Republican field, as the top choice of 28 percent of poll respondents. Rounding out the top three are Rick Perry, who has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month among Republican presidential primary voters and is now second at 18 percent, and Mitt Romney at 17 percent. Fourth place goes to Ron Paul at 11 percent.

Intelligence information indicates that both Americans and Israelis are the intended target of a jihadist terror plot, according to informed Middle East security sources with specific knowledge of the plan.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is permitted to include people on the government’s terrorist watch list even if they have been acquitted of terrorism-related offenses or the charges are dropped, according to newly released documents.

Increasingly visible, the number of gay Americans telling the U.S. census they're living with same-sex partners nearly doubled in the past decade, to about 650,000 couples. And more than 130,000 recorded partners as husband or wife.

The White House announced it planned to expand a program to secure and destroy Libya's huge stockpile of dangerous surface-to-air missiles, following an ABC News report that large numbers of them continue to be stolen from unguarded military warehouses.

Rhode Island education officials have voted to let high school graduates who are in the country illegally pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities, acting on an issue that state lawmakers have dodged and that has entered into the debate among the Republican presidential hopefuls.

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